January 2012

Career Day at Cherry Creek

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It was with extreme hesitancy that the students reached forward to touch the brightly colored snake coiling around the presenter’s arm. However, in the end, students did say meeting the snake was one of their favorites. The students from Mrs. Jacobson’s 3rd grade class at Cherry Creek Elementary held a career day in their classroom on Thursday, January 12, 2012. Various professionals such as a detective, an adoption agency representative, a doctor, a musician, and a biologist visited the 3rd grade classroom. Many parents and family members presented on career day.

Nancy Taylor

Cherry Creek Scholars of the Month

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Cherry Creek Elementary honored their December Scholars, Citizens and Special Recognition students at an awards assembly in December.

Scholars for the month were: Presley Johnson, Olivia Roberts, Dallin Kilgrow, Codi Gibson, Allie Dorman, Abby Nielson, Drew Owens, Korri Cooper, Alli Tipton, Elise Parr, Keith Njemini, Brooklyn Passey, Makenna DeMartini, Caleb Judd, Avery Nelson, Eddie Diaz, Jackson Parr, Yunuen Vargas, Madeleine Unguren, Bina Sparks, Miah Gourdin, Rochelle Gutierrez, Brayant Garcia, Sabrina Harris, and Maya Gomez.

Nancy Taylor

Christmas at Cherry Creek is...

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Cherry Creek students spent the month of December sharing

family and school traditions.

Third grade students learned persuasive techniques to convince Santa to choose new reindeer to help him deliver Christmas presents this year. They presented a play in class to show what they had learned.

Members of Cherry Creeks Choir are shown by the Christmas Tree. All the students participated with caroling around the Christmas Tree on the last day of Christmas.

Nancy Taylor