December 2023

Winter Break Dates

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Just a reminder:  Nebo Christmas Break - December 25, 2023 to January 5, 2024.  Enjoy a safe and happy vacation!  See you back at school on Monday, January 8th!

Cherry Creek Choir Concert

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Do you want to add a little more Christmas cheer to your week?  Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 20th @6:00 p.m. is Cherry Creek's Choir Christmas Concert.  They will be singing some fun Christmas Carols.  Come join the fun!

Photo: Mrs. Deardeuff

1st Grade Is On a Roll!

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Wow!  The First Graders know how to show their Spirit!  Mrs. Golding’s Class, Mrs. Hill’s Class and Mrs. Jensen’s Class all had 89 % of their students wearing red or Spirit Day apparel. Way to show your school spirit even though it was Grinch Day!  Congratulations!

A Big Cherry Creek Croc Thank You!

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Cherry Creek Crocs give a BIG SHOUT OUT to a Senior HOA in Springville.  Instead of giving gifts to neighbors, this HOA takes the money they would have spent on gifts and donates the collected money to purchase gifts for the Giving Tree at Cherry Creek.  Thank you to those Seniors for helping some of our Cherry Creek Crocs to have a merrier Christmas!

What Do You Do With Croc Cash?

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Cherry Creek Students are rewarded Croc Cash for good deeds.  What do they do with the Croc Cash they collect?  Chandler decided to use his Croc Cash to buy Mrs. Darrinton’s chair for a day!  Hope you enjoyed the comfy chair Chandler!  What are you saving your Croc Cash to purchase?

Reflection Winners

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At Friday’s Victory Assembly, the PTA announced the participants and winners of Reflections contest.  This year’s theme was “I Am Hopeful Because…”  17 Crocs participated in the contest.  12 students advanced to the council level.  Cate Holden and Brycen Tullis-Ashdown’s entries in the Film division gained them an Excellence and they will be advancing to the Regional level. Kate Sodeberg Music entry got an Excellence at the Council level and she will be advancing to Regions.