Christmas at Cherry Creek is...

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Cherry Creek students spent the month of December sharing

family and school traditions.

Third grade students learned persuasive techniques to convince Santa to choose new reindeer to help him deliver Christmas presents this year. They presented a play in class to show what they had learned.

Members of Cherry Creeks Choir are shown by the Christmas Tree. All the students participated with caroling around the Christmas Tree on the last day of Christmas.

Student Council members Isaac South, McKenna Patterson, Ryann Brockbank, Sunni David, and Morgan Patterson stand by some of the food donated my students. Over 1000 cans of food and personal hygiene products were gather during the Food Drive.

Kimo Bandmann and son Kimo share their Hawaiian family traditions with students during the Holiday Celebrations around the world.

Fourth grade students put on their Sunday best and attended the Utah Symphony’s Christmas performance as part of the Holiday tradition at Cherry Creek..(

Nancy Taylor