White Ribbon Week!!

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Dear Parents, White Ribbon Week is January 25th-29th. This year we are using the program “Let’s Get Real” which helps students become more aware of their digital time and give priority to real life. They learn to use technology in positive ways. They also learn they can turn it off.  Parents are an important part in learning digital safety so we would like you to know what the students will be learning and we are including follow up questions and activities you can do with your child each day. As in past years we will also attach a copy of “Are you a trusted adult?” and “Our healthy media pledge” for your use.   Week at a Glance Monday: Power Boost: I will use technology to show kindness and respect. Follow-up questions: - Why is showing kindness and respect important?- How can our words affect other people?- What can you do if someone says something unkind or hurtful to you? - Can you think of other ways to use technology to show kindness?  Take-home challenge: Send a positive message using technology.  Tuesday: Power Boost: I will give priority to real life relationships. Follow-up questions: - What does “priority” mean?- What is your favorite activity to do with friends/family?- How do you know you’ve spent too much time on the phone or TV? - What do you enjoy most about real-life activities?- Why is it important to talk face-to-face with someone?  Take-home challenge: Create a tech-free zone or time at home.  Wednesday: Power Boost: I will choose healthy activities to handle stress and boredom. Follow-up questions: - What is an activity you enjoy doing when you are bored?- What are healthy ways to deal with stress?- How could you help a friend when they are feeling stressed?- When you feel upset, who is someone you could turn to for help?  Take-home challenge: Do a fun tech-free activity.  Thursday: Power Boost: I will choose to balance my day. Follow up questions: - What does it mean to balance your day?- What does it feel like if you watch TV for a long, long time? - Have you ever spent much more time on media than you planned before you realized it?- How do you know when you have spent too much time online or playing video games?- What is a new activity you would like to try?- When do you think you could make time for that activity? - What will help you balance the activities in your day?  Take-home challenge: Fill in the circle graph and talk about it.  Friday: Power Boost: I will remember that not everything online is real. Follow-up questions: - Have you ever been fooled by something online?- Have you ever clicked on something that was a trick? What happened?- What does “Tic-Tac-Toe” stand for?- Who is a “trusted adult?”- Why does it help to talk to a trusted adult?  Take-home challenge: Have your child teach you about Tic-Tac-Toe. If they didn’t design the prize they come home with, they could design them with a sharpie.   Thanks for taking the time to reinforce what your child learns during White Ribbon Week!
Tammy Harlow