Mayor's Recognition Award

Submitted by susan.kelley on Wed, 05/23/2012 - 13:09
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Cherry Creek Elementary School is proud to announce Nitta Hungmany,  the winner of the Mayor's Recognition Award

Nitta is in Mrs. Chalyce Peck's 6th grade class.

Nitta  is a well-mannered, bright student who is always willing to learn and  increase her capacity to learn. She is always the first one to ask questions  in her group if she doesn’t get it and is eager to understand the concept  even though she may not understand it right away. I have heard from other  teachers that work with her, that she is always thinking of different ways  that she can better her understanding of a concept. She knows what may be her  weak spots and wants to strengthen them.

Nitta  is a good friend to others and is a peace maker. She is willing to work in  groups and is a team player. She understands what it takes to be a better  person and is always striving to reach those goals. She knows how to work  hard and to work at a job until it is finished. Because of this she is a good  example to others and is willing to help others reach their full potential.