April 2023

Ms. Tobler Honored With a State Math Award

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Jessica Tobler, a teacher at Cherry Creek Elementary in Nebo School District, was honored with a State Math Award.

Jessica Tobler is an amazing example of an elementary teacher that strives to use best practices in mathematics education. Her school, Cherry Creek Elementary, is a highly-impacted Title I school. 

"I am super grateful for Todd and Rory, for all their hard work in training teachers in CMI. I am also super grateful for my collaborative third-grade team, Alexa Martin and Jenny Loomis. All I’ve learned is from these wonderful people," stated Jessica.

District Keyboarding Competition

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On Tuesday, April 18th, Nebo District held a Keyboarding Competition for 4th and 5th Graders.  Cherry Creek was represented by eight 5th Grade students  and four 4th Grade students.  Claire Pettersson was the fastest 4th Grader from Cherry Creek and Syro Padilla was the fastest 5th Grader from Cherry Creek!  Congratulations!  

It’s a 4 Way Tie!

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This past week, we had a 4 Way Tie for Spirit Day!  Ms. Loomis’ 3rd Grade Class, Mrs. Frossard’s 4th Grade Class, Mrs.  Deardeuff’s 4th Grade Class and Mrs. Nielson’s 5th Grade Class all had 100% of their students Rockin’ the Red for Spirit Friday!  Way to end the competition!  

Habit 6: Synergize!

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Mrs. Smallcomb always finds fun ways to practice leadership skills!  This week, the students practiced Habit #6: Synergize! Cherry Creek Crocs worked together to make marshmallow structures. How fun and creative!

Mrs. Smallcomb

Math March Madness Winners!

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We had a head to head competition at a live assembly and here are our Winners:            3rd Grade-Chandler Maxfield                             4th Grade-Bennett Kooistra                             5th Grade-Eliza Dahl