Leadership Day

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March 31st was a big day for the students of Cherry Creek; it was their very first Leadership Day. Cherry Creek became a Leader in Me school this year and on this special day, visitors from all over the community came to see what being a leader is all about. Right when they walked in the door, guests were not greeted or directed by adults and teachers, but student leaders were the ones running the show. The afternoon started off with student speakers, musical performances, and mission statements- all conducted and carried out by students in K-6th grade. The guests were surprised when they had student tour leaders give them detailed tours through the school, in classrooms, and in hallways. In these tours, students throughout the school were able to show how they implement the 7 Habits in their classrooms and in their own lives. Students demonstrated how they are leaders, how they “Begin with the End in Mind” by setting class and individual goals, and how they take responsibility for themselves and their actions. The closing ceremony continued to impress the community visitors and it was easy to see the leadership and talent in each one of the students!