Congratulations to Starr David on receiving the PEAK award!

Submitted by amy.darrington on Thu, 06/13/2019 - 16:09
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Starr David, Teacher, Cherry Creek Elementary
Nominated by: Jolene Hale & Bethany Clark

“Starr values each individual in her classroom. She takes the time to understand each child’s personality to know how best to work with them. One of the most helpful things that she does is to build their confidence, so that they are more excited about learning and are more willing to put in the effort to work hard. Ms. David took the time to call me and tell me how much she appreciates my son. She shared some of his strengths and challenges. Ms. David is truly an asset to our school and community.”

“Starr is an incredible example of being kind, happy, upbeat, positive, helpful, accepting, loving and so much more. I will forever look up to Starr and her ability to make others smile.”

Photo: Lana Hiskey