Local Eagle Project Benefits Cherry Creek Elementary School

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 12/18/2009 - 15:10


Jacob Buhler, age 13, recently made 350 “phonics phones” as part of his Eagle Scout Project.  Phonics Phones are made from PVC pipes and are used by students during reading.  This is what The Candl Foundation has to say about phonics phones:  When students read aloud, the device allows them to hear themselves much more clearly when they practice. They are able to work on word pronunciation and improve their
phonics skills by using the phones…. By using the phones, student practice time is more productive. Since practice makes perfect, children become better readers, which in turn helps them across the board in their other subjects.” (http://www.candlfoundation.com/).  They are a wonderful tool for students!

Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville was very fortunate to be presented with these Phonics Phones.  They were assembled, painted, decorated, and labeled with student names by Jacob with the help of local LDS Young Men and Young Women groups as well as HC Storm Soccer Team members.  Harward Irrigation and Sunroc kindly provided the materials at discounted prices.