Shout Out To A Great PTA!

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Decorated Doors
Wonderful Waffle Breakfast
Refreshing Root Beer Floats
Taste of Summer BBQ Lunch
Friday Fishy Treat
School Supply Pouch

A BIG Cherry Creek Shout Out & Thanks to the PTA & Mrs. Sines.  Last week was Staff Appreciation week, and the PTA and Mrs. Sines made each day special.  On Monday morning, Faculty and Staff Members were greeted with decorated doors, a Festive Fishy Faculty Room and a wonderful waffle breakfast.  On Tuesday, the PTA surprised faculty members with a Pencil Case full of school supplies.  On Wednesday, we were treated with Root Beer floats to quench our thirst and get us through the 2nd half of the day.  On Thursday, we were given a taste of summer with BBQ hamburgers, chips and pudding.  A specials thanks sent to Mr. Sines, who barbecued all the tasty hamburgers.  Friday was topped off with a tasty treat of popcorn and fish.  Thanks again to the PTA members and a special thanks to Wendy Sines and helpful husband.  

Photos: Jan Grotegut, Wendy Sines & Brittany Averett