Mrs. Stephanie Bott: Outstanding Classified Employee of the Year

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Mrs. Bott:  Cherry Creek’s Outstanding Classified Employee of the Year

On Monday, Mrs. Bott was recognized as Outstanding Classified Employee of the Year.  These are some of the things the faculty said about her:   Stephanie Bott reaches students at their level and elevates them with an unwavering belief in their abilities, positive attention, and hard work. She sees the potential in each child and her goal is to help them see it, too. For Stephanie, a student's improvement and/or success is her happiest accomplishment. Stephanie is also carefully aware of her coworkers and is always on the ready to help with literally anything.                                                                             Stephanie Bott has a very special super power not many people have. Her super power is seeing the good in every single kid regardless of how they act or their situation. Stephanie becoming a part of our skills team has made my job as a counselor so much easier. She always asks how she can help me and seeks to better understand every kid she is working with. Stephanie makes kids feel important and has created relationships with these kids that are changing their lives. We are so lucky to have you a part of our team!                                                                                                                                             Stephanie Bott has an amazing talent of being loving, patient, and caring to the students who need it the most.  She has a way of calming students down and getting their mind off whatever is bothering them and making them feel safe.  She is always willing to drop whatever and go to where she is needed without hesitation. I have seen her work with students and am in awe of how she handles situations.  She is such a great asset to Cherry Creek students and staff.             Congratulations Mrs. Bott.  We are fortunate to have you at our school!