Mrs. Huntsman Receives the Crystal Apple Award

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Mrs. Huntsman Receives the Crystal Apple Award

This week, Mrs. Huntsman was recognized with the Crystal Apple Award.  It is given to public school educators who have made a positive impact on the lives of their students.  These are a few of the praises given from her peers:                            Erin is really good at being able to teach a variety of needs in one group. I am always impressed with how she can work with so many educational levels, and sometimes different ages and grades, at once.

 She has great classroom management and knows how to keep all the kids in line – which can be super challenging when we have as many kids as we do in one classroom. She doesn’t put up with any disrespect, bullying, or rudeness in our classroom.

Erin is a dedicated and passionate teacher. She cares about the kids and it shows everyday in her classroom. She is well-deserving of this award!

I have learned so much working with Erin in such a short amount of time. She loves the kids and is an advocate for them and all of their potential. 

She is dedicated to making students WANT to succeed.  She sets goals that are challenging, but attainable, helps them every step of the way, and celebrates the students as they reach each milestone.  She helps students turn their struggles into triumphs, and their differences into strengths.

Her compassion, patience, and commitment light the path for the kids who need it most. Her impact will last far beyond the classroom. 

Thanks for your positive influence on the students at Cherry Creek! Congratulations Mrs. Huntsman!