Everyone Love Mini Society

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Bankers at Mini Society
Some of the creative booths
Snacks, toys and stickers for Sale!
Cotton Candy Anyone?
Mini Society Booths
Snow Cone Booth
Fun For All

One of the highlights of the end of the year is Mini Society.  The 5th Grade Students come up with a business plan, think about what they want to make or “sell” and get creative with a booth to present & sell their wares.  There are bankers, sanitation workers and runners that help run the business community.  The students in grades 1-4 earn and are rewarded Mini Society bucks to “spend” at the Mini Society booths.  Everyone has a good time playing games, having fingernails painted, eating cotton candy and “buying” trinkets.  The 5th Graders learn about running a business, keeping track of sales, using a checkbook, product conception, pricing and sales.  A great experience for sellers and “buyers”.