Croc Cash - One Of Many Rewards at Cherry Creek

Submitted by stephanie.galt on Wed, 01/26/2022 - 11:01
Mrs. Taylor helping King with the principal's chair.

One of the favorite rewards students can earn at Cherry Creek is "Croc Cash."  Croc Cash is given out by all faculty members whenever students are caught working hard, making great choices, displaying outstanding citizenship, and many other positive actions.  Classrooms have items students can purchase with Croc Cash, or students can also purchase items from the office.  One of the favorite items students can use their Croc Cash for is to purchase the use of our principal's chair for the day.  This past Monday, while Mrs. Darrington was away at training, King turned in his money for her chair.  We love to see students making great choices, and also learning the value of saving their hard-earned money for something meaningful to them.  Way to go students!