Cherry Creek 3rd-Graders Visit Clark Planetarium

Jesus Aguayo, Tristen Perez, and Adrian Torres prepare to go into the 3D IMAX movie while modeling their stylish glasses.
Gabriel Jimenez, Riley Williams, James Tripp, and Tristie Whiting walking on the surface of Mars!
Jed Johnson and Mateo Lillo Lillo were two of many students who were entertained by the ball machine.
Because of the Earth’s rotation, this pendulum is moving a fraction of an inch to the right with each swing. Students are watching anxiously to see if it will knock over the next bar in the circle surrounding the Pendulum.

Recently, 3rd-Graders at Cherry Creek Elementary were able to visit the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City. The field trip was funded in part by a grant, which was awarded to the teachers by the Utah Aerospace
Education Foundation. The students were lucky to be able to see lots of exhibits, as well as a few movies. This is what Mrs. Boyer’s third grade class had to say about the field trip:
            “We went into the big bubble-like dome theater where we looked at stars and planets, answered questions, and went on a wild roller coaster ride. After the crazy ride we had to eat standing up. We then put on 3D glasses and watched a movie about space, where things flew at us. 10 minutes later, we got on a bus and drove back to school. It was definitely the best field trip ever!”