Shapes, Shapes, Shapes

Chelsie Bergera


For the past 2 weeks we have been having fun learning all about 2-D shapes.  We read books about shapes, went on a shape hunt around the school and learned some fun new shape songs.  On Friday, we had a great time working with a partner to build shape pictures.  What amazing kids we have in kindergarten.  

Mayor Recognition


Springville Youth continue to help build a strong community.  On September 16th, Springville Mayor Wilford Clyde, awarded two students with the Mayor Recognition Award.

2nd Annual Family Reading Frenzy

Marjean Strong

What a great turnout we had on Monday, September 15, at the PTA sponsored Family Reading Frenzy Pajama Party.  Every child received a free book from our awesome PTA!!! Refreshments were served in the lunchroom. A popular rotation was in the Collaboration Center with the BYU athletes. One of our special guest readers was Lela the Puppeteer. Mrs. Taylor, Cherry Creek's secretary, shared a story in the library. For a Spanish option, Miss Ferguson shared her talent. ELSA was another guest reader.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Kim Golding

Mrs. Golding's class has been watching 2 Monarch caterpillars go from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly!! We released "Elsa" on Friday and Mrs. Golding released "Anna" on Saturday after she hatched! We've loved every second of watching them and learning all about butterflies!!!