National School Lunch Week

by Patty Maloy

Since we only get to do this once a year we had to have a little fun for NSLW! It was a fun week. Thanks to Elizabeth for the apple samples and BYU student visitors. With our Top School Lunch Chef recipe winners we were able to give out donated meal certificates. Its a recipe worth trying out! And thanks to the district for the bike. Our lucky regular school lunch eater, Alexis, was very happy and excited to take home her new bike!!

3rd Grade Learns Hearing Aid 101

by Janelle Barrett

Last week in Mrs. Gast's class, Dr. Candi Bown, our district's amazing audiologist, and Naomi Whiting gave a hands-on presentation about how hearing aids work. Naomi shared her experience with wearing hearing aids and how it helps her in class. Students were able to have a turn to listen for themselves how hearing aids amplify sound. We loved learning about Naomi's ability to hear clearly with such wonderful technology!