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Aug. 18- Meet the Teacher Open House @ 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Aug. 19- First Day of School

Aug. 26- First Day of Kindergarten

Aug. 27- Back to School Night @ 6:00-7:15 p.m.

Mini Society 2015


After coming back from Spring Break every year, students get excited to see that mini society dollars start being passed out. The fifth grade classes each create their own "dollar" and they are used at the end of the year in the Mini Society store. Fifth grade students sell all sorts of items, from candy, to snow cones, to basketball shot and video games. All students can some to the store and spend all of the money that they have earned for good behavior, service, and hard work. After the store is over, 5th graders get to auction off the rest of their items.

6th Grade vs. Teachers


Every year the 6th graders take on the teachers! This year, we had planned to have a game of kickball, but unfortunately got rained out. So we continued the tradition of the basketball game! 6th grade teams rotate in every round, as well as teachers. Each round is 3 minutes long, and a running score is kept. At the end of the rounds, there is an all-star game the the score is cleared to 0-0 and each team has a chance to take the win. Looks like the teachers are still undefeated, maybe next year's 6th graders can take them!

School-Wide Talent Show 2015

Last Friday, students at Cherry Creek enjoyed and participated in the the 2015 Talent Show. The 3 contestants from each grade level were selected to perform for the whole school! We had guitar players, dancers, magicians, singers, violin players, and more! It was so fun to see the talent we have here at Cherry Creek!

Mayor's Award 2015


Cherry Creek's own, Carter Grover, was given the Mayor's Award last night at Springville's City Council meeting! Carter is a fabulous student and friend at Cherry Creek, but also has a lot of accomplishments outside of school. Carter has been competing on a men's gymnastics team for the last three years. He spends 16 hours a week in the gym, working out and practicing. He has traveled to Stanford University, Las Vegas, Los Angeles for competitions placing in the top 5 in each. He even received the Gold medal on high bar in Las Vegas!