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Leadership Day


March 31st was a big day for the students of Cherry Creek; it was their very first Leadership Day. Cherry Creek became a Leader in Me school this year and on this special day, visitors from all over the community came to see what being a leader is all about. Right when they walked in the door, guests were not greeted or directed by adults and teachers, but student leaders were the ones running the show. The afternoon started off with student speakers, musical performances, and mission statements- all conducted and carried out by students in K-6th grade.

Microorganisms in 6th!

Sarah Sumsion

Mrs. Sumsion's students had fun exploring microorganisms today as they rotated through six centers.  1. Making flip books showing how microorganisms move. 2. Watching a video of microscopic pond life and identifying it on a master diagram. 3. Looking under microscopes at prepared slides. 4. Creating their own germs (drawings & explanations). 5.  Searching for answers to questions in a science magazine on cells. 6. Labeling and color coding a microscope diagram.

SEP Conference Surprise

Marjean Strong

Lovette Marchbanks, representative from United Way of Utah County (Everyday Learners Initiative) was at the first two hours of SEP Conferences.  She offered each student a free book. Parents were given information about reading together everyday.  Parents are children's most important teacher!