"Synonym Rolls"

Kim Golding

Mrs. Golding's class has a great time learning about Synonyms! They got to wear  chef hats and walk around to find the person that had the synonym to the word they had in their "Synonym Roll." Then, of course, they got to eat them up!!

Mummifying Apples

Sarah Sumsion

How does one mummify apples? The 6th graders found out this week as they studied Ancient Egypt in social studies. By using the scientific method, 6th graders researched about the mummifying process, gathered materials and formed a hypothesis. Math was integrated when we used only a 1/4 measuring cup to measure out different quantities of supplies and converting the new weights of the apples to a percentage as they dried out . The last step will be for students to write about what they learned from this experiment.

Perfect Attendance- Term 1

Mike Duncan

Cherry Creek had 170 students with perfect attendance-meaning 0 absences AND 0 tardies-for Term 1. They were able to celebrate this morning by having hot chocolate and donuts. This is SUCH an awesome accomplishment because attendance is one of Cherry Creek's biggest goals this year. Way to go Crocs-maybe we will have more for Term 2!