Power Plant Field Trip

Scott Earl

The fifth graders were able to go on a field trip to a power plant this week! They saw a safety demonstration that taught about blue stakes and why we should be careful around electricity. Students were also able to go inside the power plant!

Nebo School District Wellness Policy


Here is a reminder of our school district's wellness policy:

Parents, teachers, and schools are encouraged to use non food items for parties, celebrations, and rewards.  Foods made available to students on campus for purposes of class or school parties, celebrations, or rewards should feature healthy choices and emphasize nutrient density, fruits and vegetables, minimal fats and added sugars, and moderate portion sizes.

Family Night of Magic with Mike

Marjean Strong

On September 21, Utah's award winning educational presenter and professional magician , Mike Hamilton came to Cherry Creek. It was an interactive evening for all family members. His presentation was full of amazing illusions and magic. He encouraged good habit choices like exercising, playing an instrument, and reading. To get good at these activities we must put the time in.