Singular and Plural Nouns

Lyndsee Brice

Students LOVED being able to write on their desks for grammar this week. Third graders were thinking of nouns that ended in -x, -sh, -ch, or -y. They knew that if the noun ended in one of these letters, they would have to ad -es to make the noun plural, or drop the -y and add -ies. They went WILD coming up with as many words as they could for each of these categories. Who knew grammar could be so fun?!

Parents & Pastries 2014

Marjean Strong

On Thursday,September 18, our PTA sponsored Parents & Pastries before school began.
The newly elected Student Council served folks delicious cinnamon rolls provided by Allen's Bakery.  Families read books together until the bell rang at 8:55, signaling the beginning of the school-day.  Thank you Cherry Creek PTA.

Timp Cave with Mrs. Peck

Chalyce Peck

5th grade had the awesome opportunity to hike up to Timp Cave this year. Since we study Earth's Surfaces, it was a perfect chance to see weathering and erosion in nature. We were able to see a Karst environment that was full of caves made out of limestone, Jabba the Hut, helictites, stalagmites, stalactites, lichens, fault lines, uplift, etc. Mr. Earl's and Mrs. Nielson's class got a chance to go first. Mrs. Peck's class got rained out (literally along with rock slides), but were able to go a week later.

2D Shapes

Sandi Smartt

Mrs. Smartt's kindergartens had fun making 2D shapes with popsicles sticks!