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Keeping Our Water Clean

Submitted by janelle.barrett on Tue, 02/07/2017 - 11:28
by Saila and Camille

Save Billy, Bob, and Joe!

By Saila and Camille

 Did you know that there are villains that are getting into our water?  Stormwater is water from rain, snow, sleet, and hail that travels down our gutters into the storm drain.

 1) People are throwing trash anywhere they want and it can get in the water we drink.

2) Clean up waste from your pets.

3) Grass clippings can get in the drain, so if you see any, sweep them up.

4) Make sure that you try not to get any dirt or sand in the drain because it can be in our water.

5) It is not safe for oil to get in the drain and when it gets in the drain it gets in our water. Fix car leaks and recycle the oil.

6) Wash cars on the grass to keep soap out of our stormwater pipes.

7) Bug spray is very dangerous for the drain.  Follow directions carefully so you don't use too much.

8) You need to make sure to sweep fertilizers onto your lawn not in the gutter.

9) Don't spill anything like gas or oil in the gutters, use a funnel.

10) Don't throw open, liquid paint in trash!  Don't wash paint brushes near gutters.

 So make sure that you throw away your trash and clean up after your pets.