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October 2013

Mr. Duncan Selected as Rookie Principal of the Year

Submitted by sarah.sumsion on Wed, 10/30/2013 - 21:21
By Sarah Sumsion

Our very own Mr. Duncan was nominated and selected as the Rookie Principal of the Year for Nebo School District and we couldn't be prouder! Mr. Duncan was hired to replace Mr. Balzotti after his retirement at the end of the 2012 school year.  From Mr. Duncan's leadership, Cherry Creek has made changes and improvements to help the students be as successful as possible here. He is known for his warmth, friendship, leadership and of course, love of the Atlanta Braves and BYU athletics. Here are just a few of the comments about Mr. Duncan's award made by the students, parents and faculty:

"Mr. Duncan is AWESOME. He makes everyone feel like they are special. And is always going around and playing with us students. He is the best principal any school could ever have. We are so lucky that we get him as our principal." - McKenna Patterson, Student Body President, 6th grader

"I am so glad that Mr. Duncan introduced Croc Claws and tickets.  It helps the students who are doing what is right feel good about it and tickets help us to remember to follow the rules.  Both of these help us to try our best!" - Mason Truscott, Student Body Vice President, 5th grader

"Mr. Duncan is the boss of our school and he makes sure we do what we are supposed to do in school. I really like him!"  --Brynlie Golding, Kindergartener "Mike is one of the most positive people I know. I'm grateful for his kind " Thank You" notes that are so encouraging. He's the best!" - Brooke Alderks, 3rd grade teacher

"Mr. Duncan knows just how to bring the best out in people.  He inspires those around him to do their very best and to work their hardest.  He expects a lot out of his employees, but in doing so helps all of us to shine.  Mr. Duncan cares deeply about all those he interacts with.  He puts a lot of thought into all he does and always has the best interest of students in mind.  He has done so much to improve our school environment, both physically and the overall feeling at Cherry Creek. He works hard to make sure that teachers have the supplies they need and are ready to provide the most cutting edge and quality instruction.  Mr. Duncan is a great person to work with!" - Stephanie Truscott, 6th grade teacher

"Mr. Duncan is very nice, friendly and always helpful.  He always says "hi" to me when he see me and he tries to do his best to make this school the best that it can be." - Paityn Braithwaite, student

"Mr. Duncan is positive and interactive and brings this to his communication with students, parents and teachers. He desires to see others succeed and helps them by pointing out the good they are doing and encouraging them to rise to a new level. It has been neat to watch the atmosphere change as he has been principal. The parents want to be involved in the positive things that are going on at our school and the kids love the fun and sometimes crazy things he does. We are so lucky to have Mr. Duncan as our principal!" - Heather Johnson, parent and PTA President 

"I like that he is funny and nice and that he is not mean to kids when they get in to trouble." - Steven Cabrera, 6th grader

"...I can honestly say that Mr. Duncan’s fresh ideas and approach to elementary education have helped elevate Cherry Creek from a great school to an excellent school. His involvement and genuine consideration of faculty and parent input has raised the standard at Cherry Creek Elementary. He has developed a deep respect from the students of Cherry Creek through his philosophy of, 'putting students’ needs first.' ...He has developed a solid trust and respect with the outstanding faculty at Cherry Creek. ...He absolutely without hesitation has earned this recognition. I can only imagine where his continued leadership will take Cherry Creek Elementary. Thank you Mr. Duncan for your efforts and dedication!" - Patrick Monney, parent and former SCC Rep


"He is always telling me how much he loves the staff and children at Cherry Creek." Kellie Duncan, wife

"I always knew Mr. Duncan would make a great principal when I worked with him prior to his appointment as principal at Cherry Creek. He didn't just meet my expectations as a leader, but has exceeded them. He brings out the best in the students, teachers and staff. I'm grateful to get to work alongside him at this fantastic school!" - Sarah Sumsion, 6th grade teacher


"Rookie Principal!  Remarkable, a rare find!  We are so glad you are our principal.  Thanks for being so willing to help us with questions and listen to our concerns." - Lori Blackburn, Librarian


"There isn't a more deserving person to receive this award! Mr. Duncan has gone above and beyond to make Cherry Creek an amazing school! He has made having a new principal, for both the staff and students, a flawless transition! We are so lucky to have him!" - Kim Golding, 1st grade teacher


"Mr. Duncan is a wonderful leader.  He knows how to take charge and get things done, but he also has a gift with involving his faculty and staff and making them feel important and needed.  Mr. Duncan helps others feel their value and has a way of getting the best from his employees." - Erica Boyer, 3rd grade teacher


"Mr. Duncan is so kind and helpful! He is so involved in the school--he makes a special effort every single day to make sure he circulates around the school and talks to as many students as possible. It is amazing to see the results. The students absolutely love him!" - 6th grade teacher


"Mike is an exceptional leader that, from the beginning, has put people first in all he does. He cares deeply about his students and faculty and always tries to do the right thing for the right reason. He is very deserving of any accolades he receives as the principal of Cherry Creek Elementary." - Dave Rowe, Mentoring and Evaluation District Coordinator


"It's wonderful to work with someone who leads by example . . .  and such an amazing example he is!  He inspires me to do more and to be better, and I'm grateful for it.  He may wish he were being awarded "Rookie of the Year" for the Atlanta Braves, but I'm sure glad he's here at Cherry Creek!" ~Betsy Ferguson, Facilitator and Intern Coach


"Mr. Duncan is an exceptional principal.  He genuinely cares about each student who attends Cherry Creek and makes the effort to get to know each one.  He in an efffective leader who has had a significant and positive impact on the school.  We are very lucky to have Mr. Duncan as our principal!" - Aimee Palmer, parent


"Mr. Duncan is so nice. We all are grateful and I think he is the best principal." - Carson Humphrey, 6th grade student


"Mr. Duncan shows what it means to really care for each child and staff member. He makes everyone feel like they are important and  know that they will be taken care of. He knows the members of his school on a individual level and does whatever he can to help each of us! Thank you Mr. Duncan for being such a wonderful principal!" - Lyndsee Brice, 3rd grade teacher


"I really appreciate the Thank You notes that I've received from him, they do a lot to lift up my day and help me smile." - Robert Sedgwick, 2nd grade teacher


"The recognition for Mr. Duncan is well deserved!  He has made such a big difference in such a short time and has helped everyone at Cherry Creek do better in what they do.  He has encouraged, praised, complimented, helped and supported in such a way that has been so positive that you can't help but feel like a great teacher.  He has become a sort of hero to the students and such a great example for them to look up to and admire.  Mr. Duncan is involved and interested in everything that goes on at Cherry Creek and puts in 110% in everything he does.  I am so glad to be working with him and so grateful for his support and encouragement in my own teaching and experiences." -Amy Braithwaite


"Mr. Duncan is always positive with faculty, staff, and especially students.  I appreciate the reminder that is to me to always be positive." - Teresa Chang, 2nd grade teacher


"Mr. Duncan always has a great attitude and you can tell that he truly loves working with such amazing students and faculty everyday!!" - Chelsie Bergera, kindergarten teacher


"I have never felt so respected as a professional, liked as a friend, inspired by a great leader, and cared for as I have with Mr. Duncan." - Sandi Smartt, kindergarten teacher


"I love the quote: 'Never give up, great things take time.'  This reminds me of Mr. Duncan...he is always positive and upbeat no matter the situation!" - Jennifer Baldwin, 2nd grade teacher



Painting Pumpkins

Submitted by sarah.sumsion on Tue, 10/29/2013 - 17:49
By Chelsie Bergera

We has so much fun last week painting our awesome pumpkins donated by Harward Farms.  Stop by and check them out!!  Thank you Harward Farms for your generous donation!!

Dictionary Donation

Submitted by sarah.sumsion on Wed, 10/23/2013 - 21:03
By Lyndsee Brice

Thanks to the Rotary Club for bringing the third graders their own 'Student Dictionaries'! Mr. Duncan told us how we could use them for a "Word of the Day". Students explored their dictionaries and found that they don't only have words, but they have multiplication charts, maps, sign language and more. Some said they wanted to keep their dictionaries until college... Happy word hunting 3rd graders!

Harward Farms Donates Pumpkins

Submitted by sarah.sumsion on Wed, 10/23/2013 - 20:48
By Sarah Sumsion

Monday morning Harward Farms pulled up a huge flatbed trailer full of pumpkins to donate to each student at Cherry Creek. That's over 850 pumpkins! The students received a pumpkin with a smile from the workers and some even got a special sticker. Since the first graders were on their field trip, the 6th graders got to surprise them by leaving a pumpkin on each student's desk. The students had time during school to paint and decorate their pumpkins with future winners being voted on by the student council and faculty. Look for the pumpkins to line the halls of the school. A big thank you to Harward Farms for their generous donation!

A Magical First Grade Field Trip

Submitted by sarah.sumsion on Mon, 10/21/2013 - 19:10

First grade went on a field trip to the Scera Theater to watch the play "The Magical Adventures of Merlin". They saw a lot of magic tricks as well as heard fun music. After the play, they were able to do a Q & A with the actors. They asked questions about the magic on the set and why they liked acting. It was fun to find out about all the fun things that go into putting on a play.

Columbus Day

Submitted by sarah.sumsion on Sat, 10/19/2013 - 08:50
By Kim Golding

Mrs. Golding's class loved learning all about Columbus sailing the ocean blue in fourteen hundred ninety-two! They loved making and wearing hats just like Columbus; making and eating a "ship snack;" and writing about it too!

Unit Rate Reteach Relay

Submitted by sarah.sumsion on Fri, 10/18/2013 - 19:23
By Sarah Sumsion

A sixth grade reteach group today had an exciting relay game to fine tune their math skills of finding unit rate. Teams of 4 had to race across the playing field, grab a math question, such as "21 oz of Cheerios for $2.99", calculate the unit rate, then race back across the field to place their answer in the right sorting bucket. The students did great solving real-world math problems, had fun in the sun and showed good sportsmanship.

Unstoppable Student Council

Submitted by sarah.sumsion on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 21:23
By Stephanie Truscott

Cherry Creek's student council had the opportunity to attend a leadership conference at BYU. They learned how to be unstoppable leaders!

Race to the Top

Submitted by sarah.sumsion on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 21:20
By Chelsie Bergera

Mrs. Bergera's Kindergarten class had a great time on Tuesday working with a partner to play a fun new math game. This week we are working with the numbers 0-5. To help each student practice writing the numbers 0-5, each partner had to take turns rolling a dot cube, counting the dots, and writing the numbers 0-5 on their paper. The first person who wrote all the numbers to the top won!! What great kids we have in Kindergarten!!


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