November 2010

October Awards

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On October 25, 2010 students at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville received special awards.  Three students from each class were chosen to receive awards for scholarship (red awards), citizenship (yellow awards), or special recognition (blue awards). 


The students who received Scholarship awards are:

Kinder:  Brenna Tate, Delanie O'Brien, Layna Boone, Eli Brown, Juve Lopez

First: Keith Njemini, Ethan Bird, Emma Skeem, Cole Stokes

Second:  Elle Livingston, Jefferson Avila, Alex Bishop, Kaitlin Pichett, Skye David
Third: Donavan Wood, Jaxson Porray, Parker Robertson

Fourth: Tanii Foster, Jaylen Rutledge, Nicole Sad

Fifth:  Morgan Patterson, Sabrina Harris, Makenna Cottle

Sixth: Ashley Jensen, Juan Marambio, Celena Valdovinos

The students who received Citizenship awards are:

Kinder: Lily Irvine, Joshua Palmer, Ben Coffen, Elayna Smithey, Sebastian Jimenez

First: Maya Kendall, Ammon Gull, Park Person, Hailey Robertson

Second: Derek Bromley, Jonathan Gomez, Ethan Wilkins, Natalie Lechuga, Brynley Reynolds

Third: Gabi Holley, Alexa Cottle, Milo Irvine

Fourth: Adrian Torres, Isabella Wardle, Daniel Cameau

Fifth:  Jesus Gomez, Bella Lassiter, Isaiah Rutledge

Sixth: Shaley Piazza-Curtright, Madison Johnson, Peyton Grace

The students who received Special Recognition awards are:

Kinder: Elexis Shurtleff, Lupe Lauaki, Liam Denam, Adamaris Nava

First: Aldair Herrera, Dulce Tenorio, Litzy Gonzalez, Camren Jones

Second: Zane Mortensen, Tessa Popham, Breanna Costello, Chantrice Fullmer, Emma Hafen

Third: Ella Boren, McKenna Patterson, Christopher Gonzalez

Fourth: Hayley Keller, Rosie Perez, Oakley Swenson

Fifth:  Sanders Burns, Seth Madson, Kaitlin Thompson

Sixth: Vanessa Acosta, Kaden Wright, Ethan Beach

Utah Opera Visits Cherry Creek Elementary

Utah Opera Young Artist Ensemble includes AJ Glueckert (tenor), Angela Theis (Soprano), John Buffett (baritone), and Kate Tombaugh (mezzo).

On Friday, October 22nd, members of the Utah Opera hosted "Who Wants to Be An Opera Star" at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville.  The students were very entertained and even learned a few things about opera during the assembly.  Who knows.  Maybe some of our students will grow up to be an opera star!

Cherry Creek Students Walk to School!

Kaybrie Pratt and Eliza Whiting rode their bikes to school and even remembered to wear their helmets! Way to go!
Several students walking to school: Gavin, Morgan, and McKenna Patterson; Rhett and Ellie Holcomb; Madison and Brooke Pennington; Macie Derfler; and Mrs. Patterson - Several parents even walked to school with their children, some bus students even walked
Cameron and Ben Coffen walking to school with their friend Jesus Aguayo.

Tuesday, October 19th was "Walk to School Day" at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville.  Students were encouraged to walk/ride their bikes to school.  Many of them even remembered to wear green to show that they are trying to be safe!

September AWARDS

September Awards Lower
September Awards Upper

On September 30, 2010 students at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville received special awards.  Three students from each class were chosen to receive awards for scholarship (red awards), citizenship (yellow awards), or special recognition (blue awards). 

The students who received Scholarship awards are:

Kinder: Kaylie Tracy, Taylor Hilmo, Keilani Baldwin, Tyler Abrams, Adolfo Serrano

First:  Mayzie Guzman, Ella Unguren, William Penrod, Jaxon Snyder

Second: Addison Hansen, Calis Hahn, Issac Nielson, Mason Larsen, Ben Roylance Third:  Austin Stewart, Jacob Memmott, Kaybrie Pratt

Fourth:  Daisy Diaz, Miah Gourdin, Jessica Pratt

Fifth: Erin Call, Zach Miller, Maria Ramirez

Sixth:  Natalie Diaz, Alexis Pool, Rex Clark


The students who received Citizenship awards are:

Kinder:  Emily Farr, Jax Fordham, Korri Cooper, Mickell Leavitt, Angel Healey

First:  Jentrie McGee, Roland Rowe, Nash Scott, Paris Davis

Second:  Emma Biesinger, Issac Nielson, Madison Penmington, Bryton Miller, Elise Johnson

Third:  Arlette Mendez, Nathan Olsen, William Sanford

Fourth:  Leslie Conde, Jesus Aguayo, Christina Lira

Fifth: Darin Humble, Marcos Nava, Nitta Hungmany

Sixth:  Oscar Yomanaka, Rylee Porray, Kylee Reynolds


The students who received Special Recognition awards are:

Kinder:  Jayden Green, Margan Zabriskie, Kaleb Wilson, Paige Foster, Ashlyn Peterson

First:  David Valdovinos, AnnElai Sargent, Kaua Hadlock, Nicholas Alexnder

Second:  Trevor Wright, Shari Franke, Kennedy, Josmar Acosta, Miguel Guzman

Third:  Katelyn Adams, AJ Saveliev, Taj Olsen

Fourth:  Bailey Montague, Julie Patino, Scott Lauaki

Fifth: Reanna Rowe, Alice Campos, Junior Valdovinos

Sixth:  Caitlin Washnock, Alex Farrell, April Perez

Cherry Creek 5th Grade Wax Museum

Gunnar Gerrard as Abraham Lincoln
Sabrina Harris as Princess Diana
Sunni David and Ada Popham as Eleanor Roosevelt and Georgia O'Keefe
Dylan Vert as Daniel Boone
Abbey Derfler as Annie Oakley

On Friday, September 17th, 5th-graders at Cherry Creek Elementary put on a Wax Museum.  Each student researched a famous person from history, then dressed up as that person for the wax museum.  Visitors were able to push a "button" to make the kids talk about their person.  It was a very informative wax museum!

Cherry Creek Students Visit the Moving Vietnam Wall

Mr. Truscott shares memories of his time in the Vietnam War
Austin Booth, Hagen Tischner, Demetrius Parker, Jayden Hickenbotham, and Brayden Dorrity look for names on the Vietnam Wall Memorial in Spanish Fork

On Friday, September 10th, 5th and 6th grade students from Cherry Creek Elementary had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the Moving Vietnam Wall.  Before leaving, Mr. Truscott - father-in-law to 6th-grade teacher Mrs. S. Truscott - spoke to the students about his experiences in the Vietnam war.  Then the students rode a bus to the Spanish Fork Cemetery, where they were able to see the half size replica of the Vietnam Wall (the full size original is in Washington D.C.).  The students were touched by the thousands of names written on the wall.

Ed Smart Visits Cherry Creek Elementary

Ed Smart and Ahmad Rivazfar prepare to ride their bikes across America to promote protection for children from predators
Mrs. A. Braithwaite's class of first-graders waiting to see Ed Smart and Ahmad Rivasfar prepare to ride their bikes across America
Ed Smart and his group starting their bike ride at Cherry Creek Elementary

On Friday, September 10th, Ed Smart - Father of Elizabeth Smart (who was kidnapped in 2002 and recovered in 2003) came to Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville.  He, along with a few others, spoke to the children about what to do if a stranger approaches you.  Students at Cherry Creek were reminded to shout "Stay Away" if they are approached by someone they don't know.  Ed Smart and his friend Ahmad Rivazfar kicked off the day be heading off on their "Bike Across America" trip to raise awareness about protecting children from predators.  Cherry Creek Elementary students were honored to take part in this event.