Cherry Creek 3rd-Graders Visit Clark Planetarium

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Recently, 3rd-Graders at Cherry Creek Elementary were able to visit the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City. The field trip was funded in part by a grant, which was awarded to the teachers by the Utah Aerospace Education Foundation. The students were lucky to be able to see lots of exhibits, as well as a few movies. This is what Mrs.

Cherry Creek Crystal Apple Award 2009-2010: Mrs. Cheryl Nielson

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Cheryl Nielson is this year’s Crystal Apple recipient for Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville. She was voted by the teachers at her school because of her positive attitude, problem-solving skills, and love of students that she teaches.

One of her colleagues says, “Cheryl is always thinking about the individual child. She wants to understand each child and how to help them succeed around their peers. She has a great attitude with her students and colleagues. Cheryl goes the extra mile.”

MarJean Strong

Cherry Creek Top Readers

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Cherry Creek in Springville recently rewarded the top reader from each class with a free book as part of an award assembly! At Cherry Creek, every time a student reads 100 minutes, they get to enter their name in a drawing to win a bike or a scooter. However, the faculty decided that students who were reading above and beyond the requested 100 minutes per week deserved a special prize. Congratulations to the winners!