NED Show WOWS Students at Cherry Creek

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Cherry Creek students were treated to the NED Show assembly on Tuesday, September 4.  Students learned how to become a champion in school and in life.  NED stands for--Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best!  As part of the message, presenter Leah Alford, used yo-yo tricks to amaze the students.  Sales for yo-yo's were through the roof following the assembly.  Students were allowed to use their yo-yo's in the NED Zone on the playground!

Mike Duncan

Thank You Walmart

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At the beginning of the school year, The Springville Walmart Store had a contest with their employees to determine their favorite school in Springville. Cherry Creek Elementary won! All the employees of the school had their names put into a drawing and those who won were given a $100.00 gift card to use in the store. Winners of the drawing were Susan Deardeuff, Macall Johnson, Kristie Suguturaga, Chelsie Bergera, Jodi Schouten, Lori Blackburn, Marjean Stron