School Community Council

2021-2022 School Community Council Members

Parent Members:

  • Kate Kubina- kateallen [at] hotmail [dot] com (Year 4- Term 2)
  • Tabitha Pacheco- tabithalpacheco [at] gmail [dot] com (Year 4- Term 2)
  • Glen Mathew Bass-gmathewbass [at] gmail [dot] com (Year 2- Term 1)
  • Rosalee Dougal-rosalee [dot] dougal [at] gmail [dot] com (Year 2-Term 1)

Staff Members:

  • Amy Darrington-Principal-amy [dot] darrington [at] nebo [dot] edu
  • Jen Baldwin-Facilitator-jen [dot] baldwin [at] nebo [dot] edu (Year 1)

Council Meeting Dates & Times (Oct-Apr.):

October 13

November 10


January 12

February 9

March 9

April 13

All meetings will be held at 4:00 P.M. in the Collaboration Center.  The public is welcome to attend. Please e-mail Jen [dot] Baldwin [at] nebo [dot] edu (e-mail address above) to reserve a spot on the agenda. Visitors are limited to 5 minutes of comments each.  Thanks!

Trust Lands Allocations (past 5 years):

2021-2022 Allocation: 



2019-2020 Allocation=$59,431


2018-19 Allocation= $60,362


2017-2018 Allocation = $51,194 


SCC Rules of Order:

Cherry Creek School Community Council Rules of Order


1.  Monthly meetings will generally be held the second Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm during the school year in the collaboration center.

2.  Council members are expected to be in attendance at each meeting.  If circumstances do not permit attendance the council member will contact the council chairman, vice-chairman, or facilitator in advance of the meeting.  

3.  Meetings will be held to one hour whenever possible.

4.  The council chairperson conducts the meetings.

5.  The facilitator will prepare an agenda for each meeting after consulting with the chairman and principal.

6.  The facilitator will post the meeting agenda and minutes from the previous meeting on the school website one week in advance of the meeting.

7.  Each council member will be given the opportunity to express ideas and opinions without fear of personal criticism.  Each member will treat every other member with respect and make an honest effort to understand other’s points of view.  The council will strive to reach a consensus on decisions.  Council Members directly influence how the funds are spent.  

8.  All votes will be taken as a counted vote.

9.  Visitors will be allowed if approved by principal.  Visitors will be given a maximum of 5 minutes to present.

Minutes and Agendas Attached Below as well as the following:

See links below for 2020-2021 Trust Lands Plan, Agenda's and SCC Minutes: