Cherry Creek Top Readers

Top readers in 1st – 2nd grade: Eden Lewis, Mason Larson, Kahala Bandmass, Tyler Dorrity, Mackenzie Peterson, Lukas Marambio, Bodey Bennett, and Jacob Memmott
Top readers in 3rd-6th grade: Gabriel Jimenez, Tristen Perez, Isabella Wardle (not pictured), Ada Popham, Ian Nielson, Cassidy Schroeppel, Carson Nielson, Sandra Aguayo, Eleah Coral, and Jared David (not pictured).

Cherry Creek in Springville recently rewarded the top reader from each class with a free book as part of an award assembly! At Cherry Creek, every time a student reads 100 minutes, they get to enter their name in a drawing to win a bike or a scooter. However, the faculty decided that students who were reading above and beyond the requested 100 minutes per week deserved a special prize. Congratulations to the winners!