Cherry Creek PTA puts on a Pie Eating Contest!

Mr. Scott Earl is trying his best to be the messiest pie eater at Cherry Creek!
Ethan in Mrs. Braithwaite’s class is really digging into his pie!
Mr. Robert Sedgwick is a pie eating champion!
The winners: Mr. Robert Sedgwick, Ethan in Mrs. Braithwaite’s class, and Mr. Randall Talbot

The PTA at Cherry Creek in Springville has a lot of dedicated members! In fact, Mrs. Amy Braithwaite’s 1st grade class has the most PTA members in the whole school! Their class was awarded a special party.  However, it was decided that this would not be enough. SO the PTA put on a Pie Eating Contest between children of PTA members, and the teachers.   It was a huge success.

The winners were chosen out of three categories. Ethan in Mrs. Braithwaite’s class ate the most out of all the students. Mr. Robert Sedgwick beat all the teachers (and the principal). Mr. Randall Talbot won the prize for “messiest”. Thanks to everyone who participated!