Teacher Changes Next Year


It's always bitter-sweet to experience changes in who will be here at Cherry Creek year after year. We celebrate those who have reached retirement and congratulate those who will be moving on to other jobs or life adventures, but they will all be sorely missed. Some teachers will also be switching grade levels next year. On the bright side, we get to welcome some new faces to the Cherry Creek family! Here's the run-down of what's changing:

Teachers retiring:

Mrs. Mack, Mrs. Ernst, Mrs. Faux, Mrs. Beyal

Teachers leaving to fill another job position in the district:

Mrs. Sumsion (instructional coach), Mr. Ward (heavy equipment operator)

Teachers leaving to stay home with their families:

Mrs. Suguturaga, Mrs. Shaffer

Teachers switching to a new grade level next year:

Mrs. Call (3rd grade), Mrs. Gast (3rd grade), Mrs. Hardman (1st grade), Mr. Cornwall (5th grade), Mrs. Deardeuff (4th grade), and Mrs. Nielson (6th grade).

We welcome these new (and returning!) teachers:

Jill Strong (4th grade), Jen Anderson (1st Grade), and Lyndsee Brice (3rd grade)

4th Grade at Antelope Island

by Michelle Gast

Mrs. Gast's class was able to tag-a-long with Mrs. Robbin's class from Sage Creek Elementary. With the support of many parent helpers we took a nice long bus ride to Antelope Island. Students built water sheds, ate pickle weed, learned how to use binoculars, and learned about the surrounding wildlife. Students fought their way through THOUSANDS of bugs to wade in the Great Salt Lake. They caught brine shrimp and identified whether they were male or female. Students had a blast! We are grateful that we had the opportunity to go!

Overdrive Summer Reading Program


Nebo School District is gearing up for summer break. While summer presents an opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunshine, we want our students to continue to find ways to learn while away from the classroom.

We have an exciting reading service available through OverDrive. The OverDrive collection provides free 24/7 access to eBooks and audiobooks. What better way to engage your student’s mind than through reading?

This summer, the OverDrive Summer Read program will offer a collection of Juvenile and Young Adult titles that will be prominently displayed in our digital collection for quick and easy unlimited access from June 7 – August 7, 2017.

How does it work?

To use OverDrive, students browse the secure website of more than 3,784 titles, log in with their school credentials, borrow, and enjoy on computers, tablets, smart phones, and eReader devices.

Encourage your student to check OverDrive out today!

Where can I find more information?

Nebo School District home page

Type “Overdrive” in the search bar

Select: Nebo School District Digital Library

Follow instructions found here


6th Grade at Discovery Space Camp

by Sarah Sumsion

Sixth graders recently went to Discovery Space Camp where they experienced a simulated space mission! They used their science knowledge, worked together in teams, and used problem solving and critical thinking to attempt a successful mission. Some succeeded.... 

We Reached Our W.I.G.!

Cherry Creek students went above and beyond their school-wide "wildly important goal" of moving up 1,300 reading levels. Collectively, they moved up 1,735 reading levels! We are so proud of our students and their parents who have put in so much time and effort to become better readers. 

We'll celebrate tonight by having the Green Man Group come to Cherry Creek for an awesome performance! 

Summer Coding Class


This summer, Nebo School District is sponsoring a 2-day coding class for current 6th-8th graders.

Students will learn to code using's App Lab and BBC's microbit. They will use App Lab to create apps that can be published and shared to run on any computer, tablet or smartphone with a modern browser. The BBC's microbit is a small hardware processing device (about 1/2 the size of a credit card). Projects will include: LED message display, thermometer, compass, connection to external LEDs, composing music, etc.

The registration fee for the two 1/2 days is $10. Registration is limited to the first 25 students at each site. The locations and dates are as follows:

Springville Jr. High: June 6-7, 8 am - noon

Registration Link:

Salem Jr. High School: June 15-16, 8 am - noon

Registration Link:


Reflex Math Fact Fluency

by Chalyce Peck
Mrs. Peck's class using Reflex

Reflex Math is a fun, engaging game that focuses on math fact fluency. The program adapts to the individual student through an initial assessment and through continued practice. Mrs. Peck's 5th grade class has implemented the program in recent months, and it has been such a success that Mr. Duncan has purchased full licenses for each classroom to implement by the beginning of next year. The students love it and enjoy using the program. See what some of Mrs. Peck's students had to say about Reflex:


"Reflex is a website/app that helps us learn our math facts. Some of us have gotten 100% fluency and some are still trying." -Ben Fernandez


 "Reflex helps with math." -Thomas Rogers


 "Reflex is so fun to play, it is a fun way to learn too. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division." - Eloise Terry & Andee Braithwaite


 "I like Reflex because it helps me be faster at problem-solving. It also helps me learn more facts like 12 x 11, 12 x 10, 11 x 10. If I didn't play, I would have a hard time." -Kahlel Peterson


  Now that's what we call "thinking win-win"!

6th Grade Orchestra at the Monster Concert

by Sarah Sumsion

Last night, our 6th grade orchestra participated in Nebo's annual Monster Concert. Orchestras from all over the district come together for a night to showcase all of their hard word. These 6th grade students have come to school early every week to learn stringed instruments, and it has paid off. They performed beautifully!

3rd Grade at the Tulip Festival

by Janelle Barrett
1 of 12
Italian Garden
Monet Lake - Fish Feeding Area
Umbrella Walk
Fragrance Garden
Blossoms of another kind...

Thankfully, the rainy weather held off for our third graders to visit the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point this morning. Small groups split up, navigated the huge park with their maps, and saw so many types of flowers! Not only were there flowers, but waterfalls, animals, and sculptures to see. They had a wonderful time!

2nd Grade Goes to Harward Farms

by Jen Baldwin

Our second grade classes had a wonderful time at the farm today! We learned about bees, baby animals and even saw a sheep being sheared!We learned that meat gives us Z.I.P. Zinc is good for our minds; iron is good for our blood; and protein is good for our muscles. Each student was given a small snack with all foods from to show us what we should be eating each day: fruits, vegetables, protein, grains and dairy. We learned that crops need five things to grow: water, air, food (fertilizer) soil and sun! We even had a chance to make seed necklaces and now we get to watch our seeds grow! Harward Farms did an amazing job teaching us. Thank you for letting us come!