3rd Grade Field Trip


Miss Brice's class and the rest of the third graders enjoyed their field trip to the Museum of Natural Curiosity recently! They were able to explore the rainforest, the discocery garden, water works, and many more creative and exciting places! These third graders loved learning and exploring this fun place.

6th Grade Track Meet 2016

Sarah Sumsion

It was perfect weather for the 6th grade track meet this year! Special congratulations for all of those students who placed in their events , and awesome job to all those participated! Check out the winners on the following link!

Teacher of the Year!


The faculty of Cherry Creek nominated Amy Braithwaite, first grade teacher, as their choice for Teacher of the Year 2016. She was honored at Nebo Board Meeting on April 13.
Mrs. Braithwaite has taught first grade at Grant and Cherry Creek schools for sixteen years.
She is highly recommended to observe during focused observation by instructional coaches and intern coordinators. Her students are well managed and loved as they launch into reading success.
Upon learning about Mrs. Braithwaite's honor, one of her first grade colleagues said:
"Amy always has a smile on her face and I love being around her.  She is also approachable and I can ask her any question, any time of the day and I always receive helpful answers.  Some  days I just want to pick her brain and steal everything she does as a teacher !:). She is a talented, patient, and positive teacher, who I really admire, not only as a teacher, but as a person as well.  I'm grateful I am on the same team as her because she has helped show me the ropes this year.
Congratulations, Mrs. Braithwaite. This honor is well deserved!!

Leadership Day 2016


Have you heard about our Leadership Day?! One day during the year, leaders from the community are invited to come to Cherry Creek to see what the Leader in Me program is all about. From student speeches, flash mob dance performances, classroom tours to school-wide tours, grade level song perfomances, student greeters and photographers, and student leadership roles, students from every grade level get to show their own form leadership. The feeling at the school is incredible when you see the pride and happiness each of the students has because they know that they are all leaders. Here are a few highlights from this awesome day!

Health and Safety Week

Last week, Cherry Creek Crocs celebrated health and safety week! Each day, the students dressed up to represent the different ways to represent how they can stay healthy and safe. 

-  “Don’t be lazy, be active” Wear your athletic clothes to school. 

Tuesday-  “Get enough sleep to stay healthy”Wear your modest pajamas to school. 
-  “Don’t be crazy, stay safe & follow rules”Crazy hair day. 
-  “St. Patrick’s Day & the color of Health & Safety”Wear green & walk to school!
The week started with a kickoff assembly, where Crocky and many students practiced putting on helmets and kneepads, eatng fruits and vegetables, and doing other activities to practice being active. What a fun week!

Attendance Goal

Mari Kadish

Cherry Creek has been really working on their attendance! One of the goals this year is to have 20 or less tardies each day. When we reach that goal, Mr. Duncan plays a fun song and all of the students in the whole school get to get up and dance around their classrooms to celebrate! Mrs. Kadish's kindergarteners sure had fun celebrating meetin our tartdy goal last week! 

MJHS Visit!

Sarah Sumsion

The 6th graders had visits Tuesday from Mapleton Junior High counselors and music teachers to help get them excited about moving to junior high next year. Students got to try out all the instruments so they knew which one they might want to select next year. Also, the future MJHS 7th graders took home registration packets to be returned by Friday. SJHS students will get their registration materials later this month.

Valentine's Day 2016


Valentine's Day sure is a popular holiday in elementary school. The students and teachers sure do get into it! Cherry Creek's annual Valentine Box contest was a huge success, it is easy to see the talent and creatvity that these students gave. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who participated. Here are some photos of the boxes, winners, and also of some Valentine's Day celebrations in Mrs. Marshall's first grade class!