Food Sharing Station

by Clint Cornwall

Starting this week during lunch, there is a "Sharing Station" where students can put their unopened (school lunch) packaged items in to share with others. Any student (home lunch or school lunch) can then come get more to eat if they are still hungry. Yesterday, not a single full milk carton was thrown away! This is a great way for the kids to see that sharing helps others, and gives us a chance to think win-win!

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Sedgwick!

by Janelle Barrett

This week's lucky spotlight teacher is Robert Sedgwick! Mr. Sedgwick has joined the fourth grade team this year, after having taught second grade for many years here at Cherry Creek. He loves to be a positive role model for kids. He loves working at Cherry Creek because, "everyone is so positive and willing to go the extra mile." Mr. Sedgwick certainly goes the extra mile for all of us as he is our technology guru. We would be lost and confused without him! His wife and four kids all love reading and having fun adventures together. Mr. Sedgwick's guilty pleasure is chocolate ice cream and a movie. And in case you're already working on your Christmas shopping, Mr. Sedgwick loves gift cards. 

Native American Culture

by Janelle Barrett

Recently, both the third and fourth grade classes have been able to attend a presentation about Native American history and culture. They specifically learned about Native Americans from Utah and their culture including housing, clothing, and food.

Teacher Spotlight: Miss Barrett

Kjirsten Collins

Today's spotlight goes to our amazing speech-language pathologist (SLP), Janelle Barrett!  Miss Barrett is in her fourth year at Cherry Creek, and we're so grateful to have her!  She grew up all the way in Minnesota with her parents and four siblings.  Then she moved here to Utah to go to BYU for both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in communication disorders. When she's not busy being a wonderful SLP, Miss Barrett likes to cook, sew, play the violin, and do yoga.  Her favorite part about being a speech pathologist is helping kids do things they've never done before.  If she could pick a favorite teacher gift, it would be gift cards.  Thanks for all you do, Miss Barrett!

Kindergarten Safari

by Chelsie Bergera

The kindergarteners have been having fun the past two weeks learning all about animals. This week we went on a safari around our classroom to look for wild animals.  The kids look so great in their safari hats!

Mr. Cornwall Receives District PEAK Award


Clint Cornwall, Teacher, Cherry Creek Elementary
Nominated by: Corinne Briggs
“My son is in Mr. Cornwall's class and can be quite a challenge due to his diagnosed high-functioning autism. In recent months, it was decided to take my son out of the special education program and to be fully integrated with the general education program. Mr. Cornwall has been extremely patient with my son and has provided timely feedback regarding my son's behavior, both positive and negative. Despite the challenge of my son's difficulties, I can tell that Mr. Cornwall truly cares about my son and his other students He wants all of them to succeed. Mr. Cornwall’s excellence in teaching is reflected in the high number of awards his students are able to achieve with his encouragement.”

October Victory Assembly

by Janelle Barrett
Leaders of the Month - October
Victory lap
Student-led assembly to celebrate progress on our school-wide WIGs (Wildly Important Goals)
Dance Club performance
Croc Card winners
Scott Wilson, Assistant Superintendent, shaking hands with Croc Card winners after the assembly

October's victory assembly to celebrate Leaders of the Month, Top Crocs, and progress on our school-wide WIGs was held this morning. It all started with another victory lap around the school for Leaders of the Month and Top Crocs to be cheered on by their peers. Then the whole school gathered in the auditorium for the assembly. This student-led assembly highlighted a lot of exciting progress that has been made in term 1. Here are some highlights:

  • Our students have moved up a total of 96 reading levels!
  • In term 1, only 14 school tickets were given. That's less than half of the 30 tickets given out during term 1 last school year!
  • Mrs. Crowley's, Mrs. Hardman's, Mrs. Sumsion's, and Mr. Sedgwick's classes have earned doughnut parties for their exceptional cleanliness and quietness in the lunchroom this month.

At the end of the assembly, Mr. Duncan announced the winners from the Croc Card board who will get to have a party in the "Croc Cave" this afternoon. The Dance club also performed a fantastic number to a medly of Halloween-themed songs. 

Keep up the great work, crocs!

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Call!

by Janelle Barrett

The teacher spotlights continue, this time with Mrs. Call! Annie Call is new to Cherry Creek this year, and was an intern teacher at Hobble Creek Elementary last year. Mrs. Call went to BYU to study education, but she also received a minor in TESOL and Family Life. She met her husband at BYU, and they have been married for four years. Some fun facts about Mrs. Call include her talent for talking in movie quotes, enjoying going to the library, loving Netflix, and she can sing! Her favorite teacher gifts are clorox wipes and peanut butter M&M's. Thanks for being such a wonderful addition to Cherry Creek, Mrs. Call!

Erupting Pumpkins

by Janelle Barrett

Today in Mrs. Finch's class, our speech-language pathologist, Miss Barrett, and speech-language technician, Miss Collins came in to teach an exciting group lesson about pumpkins! The class discussed all about what pumpkins are used for, what they are made of, and how to describe them. Then, we used a pumpkin for a fun experiment. In a carved out pumpkin, students put in baking soda, a few drops of dish soap, and vinegar. Each student voted on a hypothesis they thought would happen. Sure enough, the pumpkin erupted with foam! What a fun way for the students in Mrs. Finch's class to get excited about fall!