Science in Kindergarten

by Chelsie Bergera

This week in Kindergarten we are focusing on non-living things.  Today during science, the students used their imaginations to make non-living things found in our world.  Creations included a house boat, an airplane, a food truck, a tractor, a construction work place, and a train!  We love doing hands-on projects in class!!

3rd Grade Math Sports

by Lyndsee Brice

Miss Brice's class reviews their multiplication facts by playing sports! Students practicing certain fact families (multiples of 2 or 10, for example) get to play tennis. Other fact families play hockey, and some basketball. It's a fun way to keep the kids motivated. They get a lot of opportunities to practice with the support of a classmate. Math is always fun in our class!

Teachers Teaching Teachers

by Janelle Barrett

Cherry Creek's second year of math instruction training (CMI) is well underway! Every other Monday afternoon, teachers participate in lessons and activities to improve math instruction and learning in their classrooms. Today's lesson involved teachers instructing teachers in other grade levels on how to complete various problems using specific strategies. The goal is to achieve improved conceptualization and understanding of math calculations and real life problems. Our teachers do so much to provide the best possible education for our students. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

5th Grade Genius Hour

by Chalyce Peck and Clint Cornwall

Our fifth grade classes have begun a presentation series led by students who have researched a topic of interest. After they find interesting information on their topic and put together a presentation to demonstrate their knowledge, then they can present during "Genius Hour". Topics so far have included illustration techniques, how airplanes fly, foreign languages (Polish!), sports, and more! It's inspiring to see the kids do research to learn about something they are excited about! 

4th Grade at the Bean Museum

by Jill Strong

Last week, fourth grade students were able to take yet another field trip to the BYU Bean Museum. They were able to see animals in their environments and learn about different adaptations. The Museum of Peoples and Cultures was also a part of the field trip and the students' favorite part was the arrowhead they got to find and take home!

Latinos In Action

by Janelle Barrett

Today was the first day that Cherry Creek welcomed the Latinos In Action students from Springville Junior High, under the supervision of Mr. Glen Beebe. This group of Spanish speaking students will come once a week for a half hour to help our students with reading or math, regardless of whether our students speak Spanish or English. The Latinos In Action group set such a good example to our students of helping one another and working hard even when learning a second language. Thanks for your service!

National School Lunch Week

by Patty Maloy

Since we only get to do this once a year we had to have a little fun for NSLW! It was a fun week. Thanks to Elizabeth for the apple samples and BYU student visitors. With our Top School Lunch Chef recipe winners we were able to give out donated meal certificates. Its a recipe worth trying out! And thanks to the district for the bike. Our lucky regular school lunch eater, Alexis, was very happy and excited to take home her new bike!!

3rd Grade Goes to Clark Planitarium

by Michelle Gast

The third graders visited the Clark Planetarium last week! They had an interactive presentation and watched an IMAX movie about space. We are so thankful that our friends at the planetarium hosted us!

UPSTART Kindergarten Readiness Program

by Lana Hiskey

UPSTART is a free, technology-delivered kindergarten readiness program that will give your child a fun start in reading, math, and science (with a focus on reading) in just 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Please see attached flyers.