Living Planet Aquarium

by Michelle Gast

The Living Planet Aquarium came to present to Cherry Creek's fourth grade students last week. Students enjoyed this hands-on activity and learned more about the water cycle and how it affects land, water supplies, and animal life.

Kindergarten Registration Info

by Mike Duncan

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please bring your child with you to registration so they can be given a brief assessment. This will help us balance our classes and have teacher assignments ready by August 1st. Thanks!


Cherry Creek Parents,

Enrollment for next year’s kindergarten will take place at Cherry Creek Elementary in the Collaboration Center on Thursday, March 16, 2017 from 8:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m. Please follow the arrows after entering the front doors of the school.

All children who will be 5 years old by September 1, 2017 are eligible to attend kindergarten for the 2017-2018 school year.

Parents should bring proof of residency if your family is new to our school, a birth certificate and immunization record to registration.

Click on the link below for info. on immunizations and birth certificates: 
Immunizations and Birth Certificates -

If you have neighbors who have students that are eligible to attend kindergarten next year, please tell them about this important enrollment date.

Enrolling your kindergarten student in March allows our school to accurately plan for the coming year ... Thank you for your support!

Mr. Duncan
Cherry Creek

National School Breakfast Week

Next week, March 13th-16th is National School Breakfast Week. Our fantastic lunch staff have a series of fun breakfast menus and morning activities. Here's the line-up:

Monday: Breakfast Pizza with Mr. Duncan

Tuesday: Mini Maple Waffles with parents

Wednesday: Pancakes on a stick with teachers

Thursday: Pancakes and brain boosting games

Breakfast is served from 8:25-8:55 am. 

Students can also enter a contest to create their own School Breakfast Ad. See the front office or kitchen for more details. 

Mr. Duncan Shares Reflections of Leadership Day

by Janelle Barrett

Mr. Duncan took a few minutes to sit down with me this afternoon and share some of his reflections from yesterday's 3rd annual Leadership Day. To hear the humility and gratitude in his voice was touching. Here's a brief summary of what he shared with me:

The turn-out from parents and community members was overwhelming. In case you didn't turn around, there was standing room only in the back of the auditorium. To take time on a Tuesday afternoon is difficult for many families and working individuals. This alone was a huge sign of support.

Synergy. It's real. Every student at Cherry Creek played a part in Leadership Day, whether on stage or in the days and weeks leading up to it. The air has been full of energy, excitement, and cooperation. All of the teachers were on board and managed all of the rehearsal time and schedule changes without complaint. Not a single bad attitude in the building.

Hopefully every student, parent, and guest could see that at Cherry Creek, we value every single student as an important person who has inherent talent and worth. The feedback from parents was overwhelming and personal. It is clear that the Leader In Me program in fact has made a difference in the lives of our students, and that makes all of this worth it.

Thank you again to all who came, contributed, and shared in our successes.

Looking Forward to Leadership Day

by Janelle Barrett

The excitement is palpable! The choir has been rehearsing, the emcees have their note cards written, and the greeters are already at their posts (ok, not really). We can't wait for all of you to see what our students have prepared. It starts at 1:00 sharp tomorrow - you won't want to miss this!

Springville Mayor's Recognition Award

by Lana Hiskey

Cherry Creek Elementary student, Anna Caldwell, was awarded the Springville Mayor’s Recognition Award in February. She was nominated by her sixth-grade teacher, Sarah Sumsion. Mrs. Sumsion is impressed by Anna’s constant display of service and leadership. Anna served as her class president and was also chosen to be a Lighthouse Representative associated with her school’s Leader in Me program. Mrs. Sumsion describes Anna as always smiling and positive and one step ahead of her half the time! Anna is the daughter of Justin and Tiffany Caldwell.

Letters, Numbers, and Songs in Preschool

by Janelle Barrett

Cherry Creek has two amazing preschool classes, and today I snuck into Miss Marianne's class to see what these cute kids are learning about! During carpet time, they learned about subway trains and that they go very fast underground. Then they went to table rotations to learn about the letter Q, finding numbers on money, and telling parts of a story. These kids are full of energy, and they love to learn!

The Language of Math

by Janelle Barrett

Math is hard. That's why Ms. Barrett, our speech-language pathologist, went in to a classroom this week to teach a lesson to students on the language of math. It was amazing to see how quickly students could do quick mental math, but have a hard time telling how they knew which operation to choose based on the words in a problem. Ms. Barrett taught students to look for words like "total" and "all together" to know to use addition, and words like "left" or "difference" to use subtraction. The students then role played number sentences based on word problems involving Mr. Duncan, Crocky, and Pete the Cat. They had a blast!

Keeping Our Water Clean

by Saila and Camille

Save Billy, Bob, and Joe!

By Saila and Camille

 Did you know that there are villains that are getting into our water?  Stormwater is water from rain, snow, sleet, and hail that travels down our gutters into the storm drain.

 1) People are throwing trash anywhere they want and it can get in the water we drink.

2) Clean up waste from your pets.

3) Grass clippings can get in the drain, so if you see any, sweep them up.

4) Make sure that you try not to get any dirt or sand in the drain because it can be in our water.

5) It is not safe for oil to get in the drain and when it gets in the drain it gets in our water. Fix car leaks and recycle the oil.

6) Wash cars on the grass to keep soap out of our stormwater pipes.

7) Bug spray is very dangerous for the drain.  Follow directions carefully so you don't use too much.

8) You need to make sure to sweep fertilizers onto your lawn not in the gutter.

9) Don't spill anything like gas or oil in the gutters, use a funnel.

10) Don't throw open, liquid paint in trash!  Don't wash paint brushes near gutters.

 So make sure that you throw away your trash and clean up after your pets.


January Victory Assembly

by Janelle Barrett
Mr. Duncan tells about February's "Catch of the Creek" goal
Victory Lap
Spot light on students who have achieved their reading WIG
Leaders of the Month - January
Top Crocs - January

Last week, Cherry Creek students held their monthly Victory Assembly to celebrate students who received Top Croc and Leader of the Month awards. During the assembly, Mr. Duncan talked about February's "Catch of the Creek", a school-wide improvement challenge. He encouraged students to participate in spirit day every Friday by wearing red. The class with the most students wearing red will get to have a tropy in their classroom for the next week. Another great highlight of the assembly was spotlighting students in each grade level who have met their reading WIG (wildly important goal). Way to go! We truly have amazing students!