3rd Grade Inventions

3rd Grade Simple Machines 059.jpg

Third-graders at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville recently learned about simple machines such as the screw, pulley, lever, wedge, inclined plane, and wheel/axle. They were challenged to create an original invention using at least two simple machines. The students created everything from a robot that carries your books around, to a game, to a machine that makes orange juice. This picture shows all of the inventions created by the students.

March Awards

March Awards 002.jpg
March Awards 009.jpg

On March 30, 2010 students at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville received special awards. Three students from each class were chosen to receive awards for scholarship (red awards), citizenship (yellow awards), or special recognition (blue awards). 
The students who received Scholarship awards are:
Kinder: Ethan Bird, Sydney McDaniel, Ella Unuren, Tyler Wright, Eduardo Gutierrez
First: Ethan Wilson, Elise Johnson, Rylie Runyan, Kallie Harris, Nicholas Harris
Second: Isaac Reynaga, Bodey Bennett, Mariah Pull
Third: Elli Roylance, Jesus Aguayo, Sophia Wasden
The students who received Citizenship awards are:
Kinder: Camren Jones, Parker Pratt, Tyonna Broadhead, Chandra Wright, Caleb Ramos
First: Amanda Pratt, Jacob Ettleman, Megan Dickinson, Isaac Nielson, Chase Stevens
Second: Matthew Fincher, Taj Olsen, Carlos Rodriquez
Third: Julie Patino, Madison Hilleshiem, Mikala Midson
The students who received Special Recognition awards are:
Kinder: Nicholas Alexander, Kami Bromley, Max, Brayden, Edgar Hernandez
First: Macie Derfler, Camree Forsyth, Madisen Pennington, Jefferson Avila, Yahir Castro
Second: Rachel Parodi, Ethan Whitaker, Blaine Gustaverson, Tannon Olson
Third: Jacob Ledesma, Cameron Coffen, Jose Coreas
The students who received Scholarship awards are:
Fourth: Bailey Chase, Kaitlin Thompson, Alex Bennett
Fifth: Rachel Roylance, Ashley Durkee, Garrett Logue
Sixth: Hunter Rogers, Danica Pace, Madison Smith
The students who received Citizenship awards are:
Fourth: Sarah Barker, Vanessa Ibarra, Reanna Rowe
Fifth: Jordan Goff, Joe Harper, Cloe Sines
Sixth: Jonathan Candia, Branyn Dunkley, Andrew Durkee
The students who received Special Recognition awards are:
Fourth: Colby Sherman, Diamond Beesley, Chelsey Pinney
Fifth: Sean Midson, Celena Valdovinos
Sixth: Sergio Caro, Marcos Estrada, Joel Rodriguez

January Awards

January Awards 001.jpg
January Awards 006.jpg
January Awards 009.jpg

On January 27, 2010 students at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville received special awards. Three students from each class were chosen to receive awards for scholarship (red awards), citizenship (yellow awards), or special recognition (blue awards). 
The students who received Scholarship awards are:
Kinder: Gavin Patterson, Will Udall, Brooklyn Passey, Park Pehrson, Angelo Grover
First: Reanne Bourgeous, Sierra Thompson, Emman Hafen, Cadence Tripp, Paige Bennett
Second: Ana Jaimes, Jasmin Lopez, Cassandra Vazquez, Breanna Jesse
Third: Annalyce Leuck, Katie Johnson, Isaac South
Fourth: Blacke DeMartini, Jordan Washnock, Erin Call
Fifth: Naomi Pruett, Carson Nielson, Maryanne Cheney
Sixth: Shelby Sundquist, Natham Popham
The students who received Citizenship awards are:
Kinder: Vance Nielson, Ryckelle Jackson, Hailey Robertson, Alex Moya, Jacob Moreland
First: Paige Sandberg, Isaac Wasden, Tessa Popham, Isaac Nielson, Ray Bloodgood
Second: Alan Stoddard, Ann Marie Humble, Adan Torres, William Jones Sanford
Third: Tatiana Falau, Mateo Lillo Lillo, Jade Turner
Fourth: Abbey Derfler, Alexan Tripp, Julia Singleton
Fifth: Kevin Gonzalez, Shayne Bennett, Chris Roberts
Sixth: Steven Sharp, Cole Udall
The students who received Special Recognition awards are:
Kinder: Haley Bronson, Treyvon Foster, William Penrod, Gage Plowman, Chance Stone
First: Sophia Miller, Audrey Soderstrom, Esmerelda Guzman, Jayden Mack, Grace Holdaway
Second:  Lucas Trotman, Luke Grover, Brandon Jeppson
Third: Ethan Agustin, Tianna Hopkins, Nikki Powell
Fourth: Jake Erickson, Alice Campos, Tyler Jessee
Fifth: Bryson Montague, Caitlin Washnock, Nicole Reynaga
Sixth: Joe Marvin, Rocio Mora

Sceince Fair Winners!

The following Science Fair winners will be advancing to the Regional Science Fair:
6th-grader Olivia Park shares her Science Fair project with 3rd-graders Tianna Hopkins and Sophia Wasden

On February 5th, 2010, 5th and 6th graders were invited to participate in the Science Fair at Cherry Creek Elementary. The students did an excellent job! 

Cherry Creek 3rd-Graders Visit Clark Planetarium

Jesus Aguayo, Tristen Perez, and Adrian Torres prepare to go into the 3D IMAX movie while modeling their stylish glasses.
Gabriel Jimenez, Riley Williams, James Tripp, and Tristie Whiting walking on the surface of Mars!
Jed Johnson and Mateo Lillo Lillo were two of many students who were entertained by the ball machine.
Because of the Earth’s rotation, this pendulum is moving a fraction of an inch to the right with each swing. Students are watching anxiously to see if it will knock over the next bar in the circle surrounding the Pendulum.

Recently, 3rd-Graders at Cherry Creek Elementary were able to visit the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City. The field trip was funded in part by a grant, which was awarded to the teachers by the Utah Aerospace
Education Foundation. The students were lucky to be able to see lots of exhibits, as well as a few movies. This is what Mrs. Boyer’s third grade class had to say about the field trip:
            “We went into the big bubble-like dome theater where we looked at stars and planets, answered questions, and went on a wild roller coaster ride. After the crazy ride we had to eat standing up. We then put on 3D glasses and watched a movie about space, where things flew at us. 10 minutes later, we got on a bus and drove back to school. It was definitely the best field trip ever!”

Cherry Creek Crystal Apple Award 2009-2010: Mrs. Cheryl Nielson

MarJean Strong
Crystal Apple.jpg

Cheryl Nielson is this year’s Crystal Apple recipient for Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville. She was voted by the teachers at her school because of her positive attitude, problem-solving skills, and love of students that she teaches.

One of her colleagues says, “Cheryl is always thinking about the individual child. She wants to understand each child and how to help them succeed around their peers. She has a great attitude with her students and colleagues. Cheryl goes the extra mile.”
Another co-teacher states, “Cheryl really makes sure that students go above and beyond ‘just getting it.’ With faculty members, she is a team-player who is willing to share great teaching ideas. She puts 100% into her work.”

Cheryl graduated from UVSC (now UVU). She student taught with Mr. Travis Proctor at Cherry Creek. Since being hired, she has continued to teach 5th grade. In June 2009, she earned her Master’s degree from SUU. Currently she is enrolled in an ESL Endorsement course. Cheryl feels at home at Cherry Creek. Her father, Mr. Lundgreen, taught when it was Springville Middle School. She is married to Cordell Nielson. They have three children: Anya, Shayla, and Ethan. Her parents are Dennis and Deann Lundgreen.
She enjoys playing the piano, sewing, and playing the Wi with her family.

Cherry Creek Teachers Turn 100!

Cherry Creek’s 100 year old teachers: Mrs. Jamie Nelson, Mrs. Teresa Chang, Mrs. Morgan Rawle, and Mrs. Kristi Sugu.

Friday, January 29 was the 100th day of school at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville. The second grade teachers all celebrated by turning into 100 year old teachers! This has become a fun tradition and the second-graders had a great day!

Cherry Creek Top Readers

Top readers in 1st – 2nd grade: Eden Lewis, Mason Larson, Kahala Bandmass, Tyler Dorrity, Mackenzie Peterson, Lukas Marambio, Bodey Bennett, and Jacob Memmott
Top readers in 3rd-6th grade: Gabriel Jimenez, Tristen Perez, Isabella Wardle (not pictured), Ada Popham, Ian Nielson, Cassidy Schroeppel, Carson Nielson, Sandra Aguayo, Eleah Coral, and Jared David (not pictured).

Cherry Creek in Springville recently rewarded the top reader from each class with a free book as part of an award assembly! At Cherry Creek, every time a student reads 100 minutes, they get to enter their name in a drawing to win a bike or a scooter. However, the faculty decided that students who were reading above and beyond the requested 100 minutes per week deserved a special prize. Congratulations to the winners!

December Awards


On December 22, 2009, students at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville received special awards. Three students from each class were chosen to receive awards for scholarship (red awards), citizenship (yellow awards), or special recognition (blue awards). 
Dec  Scholarship:
The students who received Scholarship awards are:
Kinder: Saydee Adamson, Sophi Hickenbotham, Justin Marsh, Olina Memmott, Caleb Ramos
First: Paityn Braithwaite, David Shipley, Kennedy Fordham, Joshua Tandy, Brynn Bellca
Second: Madeleine Unguren, Ethan Owens, Austin Stewart, Oddison Swenson
Third: Noah Rogers, Lily Udall, Elizabeth Scott
Fourth: Ada Popham, Ian Nielson, Trevor Jeppson
Fifth: Caralyn Humphrey, Rex Clark, Gavin Keller
Sixth: Diana Turcios, Amber Robertson, Koby Werry-Zabriskie
Dec  Citizenship:
The students who received Citizenship awards are:
Kinder: Carter Grover, Regan Holley, Maya Kendall, Jentrie McGee, Brooklyn Bird
First: Michael Christiensen, Lizbeth Sahagun, Skye David, Roxy Rowe, Emma Scott
Second: Milo Irvine, Brayden Lee, Housten Hjorth, Carson Humphrey
Third: Hallie Endicott, Calvin Livingston, Miah Gourdin
Fourth: Darin Humble, Sera Sparks, Skylar Thompson
Fifth: Austin Booth, Vanessa Abarra, Jayden Hickenbotham
Sixth: Jenny Pizarro, Kassitey Craudell, Alex Anderson
Dec  Special:
The students who received Special Recognition awards are:
Kinder: Aragon Stringham, Jordan Savelier, Ivan Lopez, Conner Monfredi, Litzy Gonzalez
First: Karissa Korth, Nikolas Fernandez, Jonathan Gomez, Jasmar Acosta, Dalton Smith
Second: Hailey Gabbitas, Treyton Brailsford, Mellissa Peterson, Gabi Holley
Third: Tristan Searle, Maria Jimenez, Caleb Stevens
Fourth: Marin Carassco, Nicholas Jones, Junior Valdavinos
Fifth: Jesus Carrasco, Braden, Dakota Olsen
Sixth: Chris Anderson, Adrian Pena, Esteban Pena

Cherry Creek “sings around the tree” to prepare for Christmas!

The Cherry Creek Orchestra performs for the school. Members of the orchestra are Tyler Johnson, Jed Barker, Alex Palmer, Joel Rodriguez, Riley Brockbank, Branyn Dunkley, Andrew Durkee, Somer Johnson, Meg Longhurst, Danica Pace, Amber Robertson. Directed
The second grade students at Cherry Creek performed a Christmas rendition by “the beach boys”. The students even made their own surf boards to go with the song!
The “beach boys” even came to help the second-graders sing their Christmas song!
Cherry Creek Choir performed very well at the annual “Sing around the Christmas Tree”

Cherry Creek students celebrated the last day of school before Christmas Break by singing Christmas songs. The whole school got together and each grade performed a different song. The school was also very fortunate to hear from the school orchestra, as well as the school choir!