Best of the Best in Halloween Fun

Nancy Taylor
Student Costumes
Student Costumes

Winners at Cherry Creek's Pop Bottle Decorating Contest were:

Overall Decoration: Abby Cantrell & Kami Bromley; Best Superheros: Javier Ruiz; Funniest Duo: Bree Jensen; "Witchiest": Sophia  Millet; Most Clever: Jake Erickson; "Battiest": Kaitlin Pickett; "Shiniest": Lily Wilson; and Best Wrap Up: Jessica Pratt. 

Decorated bottles were then donated and used as prizes in the number walk game at the Fall Carnival.

Students came dressed up in all their Halloween finest.  The creative costumes were fun to look at throughout the parade and carnival.

Halloween Carnival

Nancy Taylor
Halloween at Cherry Creek

Madisen & Brook  Pennigton along with Julia Jeffs showed off their Halloween costumes during Cherry Creeks Fall Carnival.  The students said it was the best Carnival, because everyone could win a prize and lots of candy.  Thanks Cherry Creek PTA.

BYU's The Buff Don't Puff and Cherry Creek's 4th Grade

Robert Sedgwick
bdp josh sharp and the 4th grade.jpg
bdp pushups.jpg
bdp running with straws.jpg

BYU basketball player Josh Sharp came to Cherry Creek Elementary to encourage the 4th grade to be smokin' hot athletic stars instead of smokin' something else.  The fourth graders enjoyed learning about the negative affects of alcohol, drugs and tobacco on the body from a variety of BYU athletes on DVD including basketball star Jimmer Fredette, diving champion Brandon Watson, and soccer forward Jennie Marshall.  These students are excited to say that, "The Buff Don't Puff!"

3rd Graders Work for Willy Wonka

Nancy Taylor
Working for Willy Wonka is FUN!

Third grade students had their first field trip at school.

They went to Willy Wonka's Candy Factory and helped

package candy.  They learned to package in groups of ten.

They are going to take their "job" training back into the classroom

and use it in their math class.  

Cherry Creek Students Win Bikes For READING!

There were quite a lot of prizes for students to choose from as part of their reward for reading every day
2nd-graders Megan Dickenson and Zane Mortenson were the recipients of vouchers for a free bike, presented by Ferggy and Marco the magicians (AKA, Betsy Ferguson and Mark Balzotti - Intern Coach and Principal at Cherry Creek Elementary)

During the 2010-2011 school year, Cherry Creek Elementary school students participated in the Ken Garff "Road to Success" program.  Students were encouraged to read at least 20 minutes EVERY DAY.  Each time a student read for 5 days a week, they got to put their name into a drawing for prizes.  Each time they read 7 days a week, they got to put their name into the drawing twice!  The program has been a great motivator for the students. 
On Tuesday, May 17, 2011, students at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville went to an assembly where dozens of children won all sorts of prizes like magic trick kits, balls, posters, etc.  At the end of the assembly, two lucky readers were chosen to win a bike from WalMart!   This program has been a huge success!

Cherry Creek Elementary Honors Viola Farnsworth

Shaina Hickenbotham, Carson Humphrey, Austin Stewart, and Mackenzie Peterson standing next to Mrs. Farnsworth's picture with their brand new books
Cameron and Ben Coffen carefully selecting books from the huge selection left by Mrs. Farsnworth
Mrs. Farnsworth left boxes and boxes of books for the kids at Cherry Creek Elementary to choose from

On May 6, 2011, students at Cherry Creek Elementary came to school early to have muffins and create reading memories with their moms.  This year the students were given a special gift!  In memory of Viola Farnsworth, a beloved teacher who passed away earlier this year, each student received a free book from her classroom library.  Mrs. Farnsworth's dedication to the children at this school has been sorely missed!  Faculty and staff felt like this would be a great way to honor her and to help their students develop a love for reading! 

October Awards

October Awards Lower.jpg
October Awards Upper.jpg

On October 25, 2010 students at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville received special awards.  Three students from each class were chosen to receive awards for scholarship (red awards), citizenship (yellow awards), or special recognition (blue awards). 


The students who received Scholarship awards are:

Kinder:  Brenna Tate, Delanie O'Brien, Layna Boone, Eli Brown, Juve Lopez

First: Keith Njemini, Ethan Bird, Emma Skeem, Cole Stokes

Second:  Elle Livingston, Jefferson Avila, Alex Bishop, Kaitlin Pichett, Skye David
Third: Donavan Wood, Jaxson Porray, Parker Robertson

Fourth: Tanii Foster, Jaylen Rutledge, Nicole Sad

Fifth:  Morgan Patterson, Sabrina Harris, Makenna Cottle

Sixth: Ashley Jensen, Juan Marambio, Celena Valdovinos

The students who received Citizenship awards are:

Kinder: Lily Irvine, Joshua Palmer, Ben Coffen, Elayna Smithey, Sebastian Jimenez

First: Maya Kendall, Ammon Gull, Park Person, Hailey Robertson

Second: Derek Bromley, Jonathan Gomez, Ethan Wilkins, Natalie Lechuga, Brynley Reynolds

Third: Gabi Holley, Alexa Cottle, Milo Irvine

Fourth: Adrian Torres, Isabella Wardle, Daniel Cameau

Fifth:  Jesus Gomez, Bella Lassiter, Isaiah Rutledge

Sixth: Shaley Piazza-Curtright, Madison Johnson, Peyton Grace

The students who received Special Recognition awards are:

Kinder: Elexis Shurtleff, Lupe Lauaki, Liam Denam, Adamaris Nava

First: Aldair Herrera, Dulce Tenorio, Litzy Gonzalez, Camren Jones

Second: Zane Mortensen, Tessa Popham, Breanna Costello, Chantrice Fullmer, Emma Hafen

Third: Ella Boren, McKenna Patterson, Christopher Gonzalez

Fourth: Hayley Keller, Rosie Perez, Oakley Swenson

Fifth:  Sanders Burns, Seth Madson, Kaitlin Thompson

Sixth: Vanessa Acosta, Kaden Wright, Ethan Beach

Utah Opera Visits Cherry Creek Elementary

Utah Opera Young Artist Ensemble includes AJ Glueckert (tenor), Angela Theis (Soprano), John Buffett (baritone), and Kate Tombaugh (mezzo).

On Friday, October 22nd, members of the Utah Opera hosted "Who Wants to Be An Opera Star" at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville.  The students were very entertained and even learned a few things about opera during the assembly.  Who knows.  Maybe some of our students will grow up to be an opera star!