Mayor's Recognition Award


Cherry Creek Elementary School is proud to announce Nitta Hungmany,  the winner of the Mayor's Recognition Award

Nitta is in Mrs. Chalyce Peck's 6th grade class.

Nitta  is a well-mannered, bright student who is always willing to learn and  increase her capacity to learn. She is always the first one to ask questions  in her group if she doesn’t get it and is eager to understand the concept  even though she may not understand it right away. I have heard from other  teachers that work with her, that she is always thinking of different ways  that she can better her understanding of a concept. She knows what may be her  weak spots and wants to strengthen them.

Nitta  is a good friend to others and is a peace maker. She is willing to work in  groups and is a team player. She understands what it takes to be a better  person and is always striving to reach those goals. She knows how to work  hard and to work at a job until it is finished. Because of this she is a good  example to others and is willing to help others reach their full potential.

Moms and Muffins


Cherry Creek's annual Moms and Muffins was held on May 18. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and big sisters were invited to come and share a muffin and juice with the students before school and read their favorite stories to them. Students like having mom's come and read before they start the day of school work. Over 500 students and parents participated in this even.

Mr. Balzotti Retirement Party

Mark Balzotti.jpg

Cherry Creek Elementary faculty and staff are hosting an open house luau on Wednesday, May 9th for retiring Principal Mark Balzotti. The event will be held at Cherry Creek Elementary, 484 S. 200 E. in Springville from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm.

Cherry Creek Walk a Thon


Cherry Creek's PTA held their first Walk-a-Thon. Parents, grandparents, brother and sisters and neighbors sponsored the students at the school with donation to be paid according to the number of miles the students walked. Miles ranged from one mile to ten miles. The weather cooperated and the students had a great time walking and visiting with their friends and classmates. Even teachers participated in the walk. After the walk, students went and collected their donations from their sponsors. $4,653.00 was raised by the students. Money will be used for field trips, assemblies and other activites that the PTA sponsors at the school.

Third Grade Careers


Mrs. Jacobson't third grade class has spent the month learning about different careers. Student researched and interviewed people to find out about different occupations. They wrote reports and opinion papers about which job they thought they would like to do when they grow up. They presented their findings in posters and reports to fellow students and parents. Harley Halquist is shown telling Michael Christensen what a police officer does in his work and why she would like to become one.

Crystal Apple and Teacher of the Year Awarded at Cherry Creek

Craig Harvey from Horace Mann Insurance presents the Crystal Apple award to Chelsie Bergera from Cherry Creek Elementary School.
Principal Mark Balzotti and teacher Susan Deardeuff present fellow teacher Stephanie Truscott with the Teacher of the Year award at Cherry Creek Elementary School.

Chelsie is described by her peers as a dedicated professional who loves to teach! Those that work with Chelsie praise her for being a leader that works hard to support the kindergarten team. She is willing to share ideas with her team and is helpful in keeping the kindergarten teachers working as a team. She takes time to do extra work to generate new and creative teaching ideas which she willingly shares. Chelsie spent a lot of time last summer helping a new kindergarten teacher with setting up her classroom. “Chelsie is the kindest, sweetest teacher. She is so kind, patient and caring to her students. She teaches them so many fun things in creative ways!” shared one of her teammates. “I believe it takes a special person to teach kindergarten and Chelsie is it!” stated another teacher. Chelsie has been teaching for seven years.

Stephanie is dedicated to helping her students succeed and her love for teaching shows. "Stephanie is always looking for ways to improve her lessons and units. She focuses on making sure every student succeeds. She is always willing to put in extra hours at home so that she is more prepared and ready to meet the needs of her students." Another teacher shared that " Stephanie is always trying to find new ways to teacher her students and help collaborate with all of sixth grade. She is always the first to implement new things given form in-service." Stephanie is very organized and on top of things. She is also cool and collected when dealing with problems. She has been teaching for six years and has taken the time to earn her Masters Degree with additional endorsements during that time.

New Dictionaries at Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek students, Ben Roylance, Avery Nelson, Kahala Bandmann and Mason Larsen show off their new dictionaries they received from the Springville Rotary Club.

Cherry Creek students, Ben Roylance, Avery Nelson, Kahala Bandmann and Mason Larsen show off their new dictionaries they received from the Springville Rotary Club. The dictionaries are donated to third graders throughout the state. Trapnell orthodontics, South Valley Pediatric Dentistry and the Springville Dentistry donate the funds to pay for the books to the Springville and Mapleton Third Grade classes. Mr. Warren Child of the Springville-Mapleton Rotary Club presented the books to the students.

Students were excited to get the book and to know they could take them home. Nic Harris was excited to try and pronounce the longest word in the English language which has 1,909 letters. The sign language chart and the maps impressed Paige Sandberg.

Dads and Donuts at Cherry Creek

Ashley and Natalie Garcia enjoy reading books with their parents at Cherry Creek’s Dad’s & Doughnuts.
Andrew Monney, Anthony Martinez, McKay Leilua, Caden Powell and Heidi Monney, listened as Justein Barber, Assistant Manager of Zion’s Spanish Fork Branch read to them the book Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg.

Cherry Creek’s student council kicked  off Literacy Week with Dads and Doughnuts.  Students invited their dads, grandpas, uncles and even neighbors to come to school with them and have a breakfast treat and read a good book.  The following week PTA Literacy chairman Heidi Monney had activities planned for each day.  Monday was wear your favorite color, Tuesday wear a great  hat day, Wednesday dress as your favorite book character.  Thursday show off your crazy hair. Friday was pajama day.   Zion’s Bank-Spanish Fork Branch   Assistant Manager,  Justein Barber and Casey Dyreng, Business Loan Office Fork came and read to all of the classes on Thursday and Friday.  Cherry Creek Elementary wants to thank Zion’s Bank for helping to sponsor the Road to Success reading program in their school.

Mayor's Recognition Award


Tanna Smallcomb 6th grade student at Cherry Creek Elementary School has received the Mayor's Recognition Award.  Tanna is a natural teacher and leader.  She patiently leads her group and helps them understand difficult concepts.  Tanna is a friend to everyone and is willing to accept anyone.  She is a positive example and role model for other students.  She is the daughter of Teresa and Ted Smallcomb of Springville.

Chess at Cherry Creek


Cherry Creek's Chess Team stand by their trophy for 12th place in the Nebo School District chest Tournament held on Saturday.
This was the first year Chery Creek had a team to compete.  They were excited to place 12th out of 24 teams.  Shown in the picture are; Sunni David, Brandon Jeppson, Daniel Cameau, Hallie Endicott, Ethan Augustin, Ada Popham, CJ Basarab, James Tripp Jimmy Avila, Taylor Worth, Madeleine Unguren, Mason Truscott, Issac South.