Synergy Bracelets

by Annie Call

Students in Mrs. Call's class made synergy bracelets to learn about Habit #6: Synergize. Students picked two colors for their bracelet--one to represent themselves, and one to represent everyone else. They learned to weave the two colors together to remind them that we're "better together."

Mrs. Gast's Reading Cafe

by Michelle Gast

Mrs. Gast's students entered the Reading Cafe last week. Students enjoyed mood lighting, silver platters filled with snacks and a variety of reading material. Students ate snacks while looking through multiple genres of books and discussed books that they already love! We LOVE reading!!

Think BIG

by Janelle Barrett

What does it mean to be "BIG" at Cherry Creek? That's the question Mr. Duncan asked when he came to visit every classroom this week. He read the book "Think BIG" to every class and talked about what this means for the kids. 

Being BIG means being your best self, being responsible, being helpful and kind. You don't get an award for being BIG, but you get a good feeling inside. When Mr. Duncan asked the students what it means to be BIG at Cherry Creek, some said:

"Helping friends at recess."

"Eating healthy things."

"Being nice."

"Helping someone little reach something up high."

"Listening to your teacher."

Every new day is a gift. It's an opportunity to be your best self--to be BIG!

Back to School Night

by Janelle Barrett

Thank you for coming to our Back to School Night! The teachers put in so much time preparing to greet the new faces coming into their classrooms. We hope you felt welcome and comfortable. The faculty and staff at Cherry Creek truly feel that this is a wonderful place to be, and we hope you do too. See you tomorrow for day one!

Mini Society


Fifth grade students have worked hard to set up shop at this years "mini society". Some stores were selling time to play video games, face painting, candy, toys, pokemon cards, and so much more! Once the stores close, the fifth graders will have an auction using the money they've earned. 

Teacher Changes Next Year


It's always bitter-sweet to experience changes in who will be here at Cherry Creek year after year. We celebrate those who have reached retirement and congratulate those who will be moving on to other jobs or life adventures, but they will all be sorely missed. Some teachers will also be switching grade levels next year. On the bright side, we get to welcome some new faces to the Cherry Creek family! Here's the run-down of what's changing:

Teachers retiring:

Mrs. Mack, Mrs. Ernst, Mrs. Faux, Mrs. Beyal

Teachers leaving to fill another job position in the district:

Mrs. Sumsion (instructional coach), Mr. Ward (heavy equipment operator)

Teachers leaving to stay home with their families:

Mrs. Suguturaga, Mrs. Shaffer

Teachers switching to a new grade level next year:

Mrs. Call (3rd grade), Mrs. Gast (3rd grade), Mrs. Hardman (1st grade), Mr. Cornwall (5th grade), Mrs. Deardeuff (4th grade), and Mrs. Nielson (6th grade).

We welcome these new (and returning!) teachers:

Jill Strong (4th grade), Jen Anderson (1st Grade), and Lyndsee Brice (3rd grade)

4th Grade at Antelope Island

by Michelle Gast

Mrs. Gast's class was able to tag-a-long with Mrs. Robbin's class from Sage Creek Elementary. With the support of many parent helpers we took a nice long bus ride to Antelope Island. Students built water sheds, ate pickle weed, learned how to use binoculars, and learned about the surrounding wildlife. Students fought their way through THOUSANDS of bugs to wade in the Great Salt Lake. They caught brine shrimp and identified whether they were male or female. Students had a blast! We are grateful that we had the opportunity to go!

Overdrive Summer Reading Program


Nebo School District is gearing up for summer break. While summer presents an opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunshine, we want our students to continue to find ways to learn while away from the classroom.

We have an exciting reading service available through OverDrive. The OverDrive collection provides free 24/7 access to eBooks and audiobooks. What better way to engage your student’s mind than through reading?

This summer, the OverDrive Summer Read program will offer a collection of Juvenile and Young Adult titles that will be prominently displayed in our digital collection for quick and easy unlimited access from June 7 – August 7, 2017.

How does it work?

To use OverDrive, students browse the secure website of more than 3,784 titles, log in with their school credentials, borrow, and enjoy on computers, tablets, smart phones, and eReader devices.

Encourage your student to check OverDrive out today!

Where can I find more information?

Nebo School District home page

Type “Overdrive” in the search bar

Select: Nebo School District Digital Library

Follow instructions found here


6th Grade at Discovery Space Camp

by Sarah Sumsion

Sixth graders recently went to Discovery Space Camp where they experienced a simulated space mission! They used their science knowledge, worked together in teams, and used problem solving and critical thinking to attempt a successful mission. Some succeeded.... 

We Reached Our W.I.G.!

Cherry Creek students went above and beyond their school-wide "wildly important goal" of moving up 1,300 reading levels. Collectively, they moved up 1,735 reading levels! We are so proud of our students and their parents who have put in so much time and effort to become better readers. 

We'll celebrate tonight by having the Green Man Group come to Cherry Creek for an awesome performance!