Health and Safety Week

Last week, Cherry Creek Crocs celebrated health and safety week! Each day, the students dressed up to represent the different ways to represent how they can stay healthy and safe. 

-  “Don’t be lazy, be active” Wear your athletic clothes to school. 

Tuesday-  “Get enough sleep to stay healthy”Wear your modest pajamas to school. 
-  “Don’t be crazy, stay safe & follow rules”Crazy hair day. 
-  “St. Patrick’s Day & the color of Health & Safety”Wear green & walk to school!
The week started with a kickoff assembly, where Crocky and many students practiced putting on helmets and kneepads, eatng fruits and vegetables, and doing other activities to practice being active. What a fun week!

Attendance Goal

Mari Kadish

Cherry Creek has been really working on their attendance! One of the goals this year is to have 20 or less tardies each day. When we reach that goal, Mr. Duncan plays a fun song and all of the students in the whole school get to get up and dance around their classrooms to celebrate! Mrs. Kadish's kindergarteners sure had fun celebrating meetin our tartdy goal last week! 

MJHS Visit!

Sarah Sumsion

The 6th graders had visits Tuesday from Mapleton Junior High counselors and music teachers to help get them excited about moving to junior high next year. Students got to try out all the instruments so they knew which one they might want to select next year. Also, the future MJHS 7th graders took home registration packets to be returned by Friday. SJHS students will get their registration materials later this month.

Valentine's Day 2016


Valentine's Day sure is a popular holiday in elementary school. The students and teachers sure do get into it! Cherry Creek's annual Valentine Box contest was a huge success, it is easy to see the talent and creatvity that these students gave. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who participated. Here are some photos of the boxes, winners, and also of some Valentine's Day celebrations in Mrs. Marshall's first grade class!

Cards from Leadership Academy

In Leadership Academy we have been learning about what it means to put first things first. We talked about how sometimes that means putting other people's needs ahead of your own. We talked about different jobs in our community where they put first things first. We wanted to say thank you to some of those people so we made candy bar cards for all of the police officers in Springville and took them to the police station to show our appreciation!

Math & 100s Day in Mrs. Smartt's Class!

Sandi Smartt

We love math time here in Mrs. Smartt's Kindergarten class! All of us built numbers with our linking cubes.

We also had so much fun at our 100th day party! The students brought in their 100 collection, we made hats with 100 pictures, we built 100 Legos, blocks, etc., and we even created a 100 chart with goodies!

Science Fair 2016

Sarah Sumsion

The sixth graders (and some proactive 5th graders) hosted their annual science fair Friday. Students presented their projects 3 times to guest judges and were able to showcase their projects for parents as well as the student body. Ten students were awarded medals and will be advancing to the district science fair. Congratulations students!

Perfect Attendance- Term 2


Wow, can you believe we are already in Term 3? Here are a few pictures of the students enjoying donuts and hot choloate with candy canes, marshmellows, and whipped cream! Something cool about this perfect attendance party, and different from the previous ones, is that for term 2, we also kept track of the students who were checked out early from school. So the student that earned this reward were at school ALL day and EVERY day in term 2! WOW! Congratulations students!