Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Suguturaga!

by Janelle Barrett

Starting this week, we will spotlight a few teachers on our website to help you get to know them! 

Kristi Suguturaga, or more commonly known as "Mrs. Sugu" is our first spotlight teacher! She is one of our fabulous first grade teachers. She has been married for 11 years and has 5 kids, some of whom attend Cherry Creek. Kristi went to BYU-Hawaii and loved spending hours of time in the art studio. She loves endless days on the beach, biking, yoga, and did you know she can touch her nose with her tongue? Mrs. Sugu says she loves Cherry Creek because the students are "just the coolest kids to be around!" Her favorite teacher gift she's ever received was a hand drawn picture of a unicorn. Thanks, Mrs. Sugu for helping Cherry Creek be a great place!


Faculty Fall Social

by Janelle Barrett

Last night, the faculty and their families got together for dinner and games at the Springville reservoir. Mrs. Golding was so generous to plan the social event and coordinate sign-ups for food. As teachers, we are so busy planning, tracking student data, and grading that we don't have much time to spend with each other. It was a special treat for us to strengthen our friendships while having a chance to kick back and relax!

In Union There Is Strength

by Mike Duncan

Cherry Creek faces a unique challenge this year.  Following the boundary changes in Springville, we now have 3 schools merging together as one.  In order for this to be successful, we need to come together as parents, students and staff.  If we can unite ourselves together and look out for each other then we will create an environment where our students can learn, feel safe and ultimately, be happy! 

The theme that was selected for the 2016-17 school year is, “In Union there is Strength” ~Aesop.  For our students, this theme represents having the courage to get to know other students, treating others with kindness and respect, showing school spirit and choosing to be happy! As our students do these things, the unity at Cherry Creek will grow and we will create a school that we are all proud to be a part of!

First Day of Kindergarten

by Chelsie Bergera
Mrs. Bergera's AM class
Mrs. Bergera's PM class

We had a great first day of Kindergarten!!  I am so lucky to be working with the cutest classes this year.  Today we had fun reading a couple of books, dancing, coloring our picture, writing our name, playing at recess, and playing a fun game in class. 

-Mrs. Bergera

Mini Society 2016


What is the ONE thing that the students get most excited about every yet? If you guessed Mini Society, you're right! After spring break, teachers start passing out mini society dollars for their student to earn. The fifth grade students get to create their own little store/game that all of the other students can purchase. From cotton candy, go video games, to pet rocks... The things these 5th graders come up with ate so much fun!

Pioneer Day in 4th

Michelle Gast

Last week, our 4th grade students celebrated learning about Utah history with our annual Pioneer Day. Fourth graders got to experience sewing buttons, nail pounding, making rag dolls, and many other activities that pioneer children may have done. They sure enjoyed the experience!

Kindergarten Graduation 2016


On Thursday, May 19, Cherry Creek Kindergarten students celebrated the end of a successful year. Students performed songs and shared some of their knowledge with family members and friends. The morning sessions and OEK class met at 9:30, afternoon sessions had their graduation program at 1:15.
Kindergarten teachers are Mrs. Bergera, Mrs. Smartt, Mrs. Kaddish, and Ms. Gibb.

Kindergarten Circus Day 2016

Mrs. Smartt and Mrs. Bergera's class had a fun time participating in a circus today!!  There were animal trainers, acrobats, magicians, strongmen, ballerinas, superheros, and a couple of silly clowns!! What a magical place Kindergarten is! 

3rd Grade Track Meet 2016

The 3rd graders always get so excited for their very first track meet! Fill with nerves, they ran their fastest, threw their furthest, and jumped their longest this week. We had a few 3rd graders place in the top 6 of their events, check out the winner here!