Goals and Resolutions for 2016

Students from all grade levels have been making goals and resolutions for the New Year of 2016. Using all different ways to represent this, many students have displayed their goals to help them improve for the next year. In addition to the personal and academic WIGs that the students set for the Leader in Me program, many students have thought of some other areas that they can work on. Good luck Crocs!

Holiday Celebrations in Kindergarten

Sandi Smartt

Mrs. Smartt's class had a fabulous time playing games, having a photo booth, making Christmas trees, and drinking hot cocoa for their Christmas party! She says she has the best parents and students ever! They had a Silly Christmas Party Photo Booth making everyone enjoy themselves in Mrs. Smartt's class. Cheese!

PEAK Award- Mrs. Smartt


Congratulations to Mrs. Smartt for earnings the PEAK award this month!!

Sandi Smartt, Teacher, Cherry Creek Elementary
Nominated by: Leanne Johnson, Camilla Koralewski, & Natasha Rogers
“Mrs. Smartt is a wonderful teacher. She is organized, thoughtful, and kind.She made kindergarten a wonderful experience for my child! Mrs. Smartt keeps her class so engaged and orderly. Her students love her and excel in her class. I have seen her work with students with disabilities, she is amazing and inspiring. Mrs. Smartt is fun, positive, and happy while enforcing respect and kindness all around her. Both of my children love school, and I believe it is because of her! Mrs. Smartt is an exceptional teacher who obviously enjoys her job and the students in her classroom.”

Flashlight Friday

Clint Cornwall

Mr. Cornwall's class earned a flashlight Friday. Students did most of
their work in the dark with only their flashlights! Awesome rewards for awesome behavior, way to go Mr. Cornwall's class!

Latinos in Action

Cherry Creek is so lucky to able to work with the Latinos in Action from Springville Junior High. The students come to Cherry Creek three times a week. Each junior high student has an elementary student that they work with. They work on reading, math, writing, or anything that the student might need help on. Cherry Creek students look forward to seeing their new friends... What a great program!

November in 3rd Grade

November has been such a fun month for third graders. Two highlights of November were the 3rd grade field trip to the City Offices and planting tulips! Every year 3rd graders learn about how to be a good citizen by visiting the city offices including the court room, the city council room, the police station, and the fire station! 3rd graders also have the opportunity of planting tulips on the west side of the school... check them out in the spring! 

Mayor Recognition 2015


Kenlee Hone is the daughter of Gary and Kerrie Hone. She is a 6th grader at Cherry Creek Elementary. She was nominated by both her Principal Mike Duncan and her former teacher Cheryl Nielsen. Both nominators commented on Kenlee’s bright smile in the hallway and how she loves to serve those around her. She creates special art pieces for those who may need a “pick-me-up.”

Utah Water Van

Michelle Gast

4th grade students were visited today by the Utah Water Van from the Living Planet Aquarium. Students learned about the water cycle and how to conserve water. They participated in hands on activities and received a fun activity book!

Halloween in Kindergarten

Sandi Smartt

Here are a bunch of pictures from the cute little kiddos from Mrs. Smartt's Kindergarten class on Halloween. She was so impressed with all of their costumes! Excitement was in the air...always a fun time in Kindergarten!

Student Council Conference

Susan Dearduff

Our student council had the opportunity to go to a conference this week- check out these pictures!

1- The student council learning about being a leader by standing up for what we believe in while singing a song about Nelson Mandela

2- Sitani taking a break between sessions...and listening to his chocolate milk. :)

3- 2015 Student Council enjoying donuts and milk in between leadership sessions. Pictured left to right: Keeandra Searle, Allie Dorman, Adison Duke, Sitani Suguturaga, Gavin Patterson

4 and 5- Allie Dorman getting to know a  student council member from another school while playing a game and learning to work together.

6- Gavin Patterson playing a game with the other student councils.

7- Ready for our first leadership session of the day! Learning about characteristics of a good leader.