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We Lead & Inspire: Math March Madness Final Four

Submitted by jan.grotegut on Mon, 03/25/2019 - 21:31

Here’s the Final Four of the two grade brackets of our Math March Madness competition.  They will be going head to head in a live competition on Thursday afternoon.  We will find out who will be awarded most accurate and fastest for each grade level and one student will be awarded as the Math Wiz for the 3rd and 4th Grade bracket and another student for the 5th and 6th Grade bracket.  Good Luck!

We Learn to Synergize

Submitted by jan.grotegut on Wed, 03/20/2019 - 10:36
Mr. Andersen

Mr. Andersen had the 2nd grade students work in teams to create their own people-on-paper. They did a great job synergizing by communicating well, making decisions together, and managing time effectively while being creative at the same time. 


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