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Crystal Apple Award Recipient - Mrs. Susan Deardeuff

Submitted by sarah.sumsion on Wed, 02/27/2013 - 17:43
By Sarah Sumsion
Susan Deardeuff- Crystal Apple Teacher

Susan Deardeuff was the winner of the Crystal Apple Award at Cherry Creek Elementary, an award given by teachers to teachers. This is what her colleagues had to say about her:


"Working with Susan has been such an enjoyable experience. If you watch her with the students you can tell she loves what she does. Her personality invites all students to participate and feel important in her class. Her students know that she cares about them.


Susan deserves this award because she embodies what a teacher should be. I can feel her dedication and love for her students as she describes lessons she’s taught and successes she’s had. If you want to find someone who can truly make learning an enjoyable experience then Susan is your gal! I am grateful to work with such a talented individual."


"Susan is an excellent teacher.  The students love her!!  She can be goofy then serious and the students know when to relax and when to be on task.  She has created many learning activities in her classroom and shares what she learns.  Our fourth – grade team works well together and we are great friends. 

Student Council has become a very important part of how our school functions.  There are many activities the students plan and take charge of that prepare them for leadership positions in the future.   Susan and Stephanie have trained and guided these students well.

The school choir, under Susan’s direction, has grown leaps and bounds from the first year.  The students learn how to read music, how to control breathing and voice, and how to perform in front of different kinds of audiences.  They feel talented and a valuable member of an organization.  She is super at building self-worth."