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October 2009

Utah County K-9 officers visit Cherry Creek

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 14:53
Nacho the dog shows off his skill at finding illegal drugs hidden on the stage.

 On October 6, as part of Red Ribbon week, students at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville learned about the Utah County K-9 unit and how its Officers work with specially trained dogs to locate drugs and apprehend criminals. They were able to watch Nacho the dog successfully attempt to find drugs hidden on the stage. They even got to see how Nacho catches criminals! It was a fun and unique way for the students to learn about the importance of being drug and violence free. Thanks to the Utah County K-9 unit for coming to demonstrate!


September Awards

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 10/08/2009 - 18:11

On September 30, 2009, students at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville received special awards. Three students from each class were chosen to receive awards for scholarship (red awards), citizenship (yellow awards), or special recognition (blue awards).

The students who received awards are as follows:

Scholarship: Kinder: Emma Skeem, Joycelynn Thompson, Dulce Tenoria First: Addison Hansen, Shari Franke, Kahala Bandman, Kaitlin Pickett, Elle Livingston Second: Brendon Randall, Ryann Brockbank, Jonah Van Orman, Jack Dusbabek Third: Nicole Sad, Tristen Perez, James Tripp Fourth: Tana Smallcomb, Tanner Turnbow, Avarie Peterson Fifth: Ethan Beach, Alexis Pool, Ashley Jensen Sixth: Erick Vargas, Meg Longhurst, Quinn Gleave

Citizenship: Kinder: Paris Davis, Ku’ili Bandman, Sam Milburn First: Tanner Allred, Raelin Somers, Lizzy Schouten, Armondo Salcedo, Melissa Leon Second: Jocelyn Quiroz, Arlette Mendez, Nelly Torres, Andrew Monney Third: Scott Lauaki, Jed Johnson, Isabella Wardle Fourth: Isabel Fernandez, Sabrina Harris, Nitta Hungmany Fifth: Harrison Holley, Courtney Powell, Gavin Keller Sixth: Alanna Roylance, Eleah Coral, Helen Torres

Special Recognition: Kinder: Myia Miller, Mason Palmer, Jacob Moreland First: Eden Lewis, Tony Barlow, Joshua Conde, Kallie Harris, David Lopez Second: Mackenzie Peterson, Jimmy Avila, Nathan Olsen, Kaybrie Pratt Third: Riley Williams, Oakley Swenson, Dominick Beardall Fourth: Chris Isaacson, Franco Diaz, Alex Duke Fifth: Kayla Reynolds, Christian Suarez, Mckella Goff Sixth: Gage Clark, Dylan Johnson, Jared David

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